It looks like that the Dolphins will be given special privileges and will be able to sign every single player that is available and players that aren’t available. I mean, I have no other way to look at it because according to reports, every single player is interested in coming to south beach to play football.

Antonio Brown, Le’veon Bell, Nick Foles, Joe Flacco, Teddy Bridgewater, Dom Capers, Case Keenum, Barry Sanders, Art Monk, Y.A. Tittle are all signing with the Dolphins. Oh, and the Dolphins are going to be drafting every player in the NFL draft especially Kyler Murray who has been slated by Kiper and McShay to go to the Dolphins, so you know it has to be happening.

Going to be a strange year having 224 rookies on the team along with all the free agents and trades the Dolphins will be making. Somehow, the Dolphins will make it work.

This is the part of the NFL year that I despise the most. The games are over and the next thing to happen is the combine and free agency. People are still craving football to be shoved down their throat and they don’t care what it is, they want it. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous or far fetched the rumor is, people will jump all over it to rant about it. All people want to do is speculate every little last thing they hear. I understand that we’re all fans but it just gets so old seeing report after report from outlet after outlet saying that insert player’s name is interested in Miami for the stupidest reasons. It could be because of the most insignificant things like a retweet which Antonio Brown did with this.

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This is just the latest example. Before this, there was the report that Le’Veon Bell wants to play for Miami. I remember, in the middle of the season, Bell made a post that said he was leaving Miami and everyone read into it and thought he was ending his hold out and returning to Pittsburgh.

Bell never played a down for the Steelers, but hey, maybe he actually did travel back to Pittsburgh. Before that, it was that Nick Foles has the best odds to land in Miami talk. It just gets so sold so fast for me. And I realize that this is inevitable because this happens every single year, but I loathe it so much because people run with these stories and act like they’re gospel. If you disagree with them if they want or even don’t want that player to come to Miami they get so heated about it and tell you that you don’t know anything about football but they do because they played in college once, or that they’ve been before you’re were even born even though when it’s all said and done, at best only about 5% of the rumors will actually happen.

Also, I understand that this is what fans do. Fans hear something juicy like an Antonio Brown retweeting something that concerns the Dolphins and they start projecting how he would fit in the Dolphin’s offense even though there are so many question marks still out there that need to be addressed first, like who’s going to be throwing the ball for one.

We dramatize every move players make from their retweets, if they put those eyes that are looking to the left in a tweet, that player was recently spotted looking at schools in that area(try and guess what athlete that was, HINT-it wasn’t a football player), try and connect the dots on a player and coach no matter how many degrees of separation there are. Rest assured, people will be there to freak out about it and start penciling that player in to the Dolphin’s lineup. That’s just 2019 sports.

I don’t want to tell you how to run your own fandom. Do whatever you’d like with it. It just be nice, every once in a while, if people didn’t fall for the bait every single time and took a more wait and see approach and by that I mean wait until that player is actually on their team until they start forecasting what their stats will be. Perhaps, I’m being a real buzz killington with all this. I know it will always continue with not just Dolphin’s fans, but fans of all teams. But, a man can dream.


It never ends

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