Wrong place wrong time. That might be what DeMarcus Cousins gets put on his tombstone. He just seems to always be in the middle of a bad situation. This time he truly got screwed over. I’m sure he says that every time he does something. Many of the times were deserved, but this occasion can be chalked up as simply being given a technical foul while being DeMarcus Cousins.

Watching the video, you can easily see that DeMarcus was getting rid of the shoe so that he wouldn’t step on it. I’d like to think I would of done the same thing if I was commanding the paint and Jeremy Lamb’s show was just sitting there. You can’t d-slide properly if there’s a shoe in your way, and DeMarcus knows this. So, I think it’s completely reasonable for Cousins to fire that shoe into the stands.

I also very much enjoy DeMarcus’s response on what happened…

Pretty funny response from Cousins here. Maybe he should of snapped his leg on this shoe to prove a point.

Conspiracy Theory- Jeremy Lamb put that show on the floor on purpose knowing that Cousins would toss it, thus getting a technical foul. Simply diabolical.

BTW- Lotta shoe controversy in the last week in the world of basketball. Is there an even bigger conspiracy by the shoe companies to get more air time for their shoes? At this point I cannot say.

BTWA- I never had a choice but to include this…

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