We’ve known this was coming for what has felt like a century now and since the Patriots won their 6th Super Bowl last night by grinding out the Rams, the Dolphins have the green light to announce that they are hiring Patriot LB coach Brian Flores. Through all the talk about the Harbaughs, Kris Richard, Rizzi, Bieniemy it was Brian Flores who will have the opportunity to be the guy that finally gets the Miami Dolphins back on track, which is to say he has the chance to be the guy that pulls the Dolphins out of the mediocre world they’ve been residing in for 20+ years.

Brian Flores did a masterful job calling the defense last night as the Patriots defense were at least 50 steps ahead of McVay and the vaunted offense of the Rams. They didn’t fall for any play-action, something the Dolphins always fall regardless if the team is running the ball well or not and they played physical. Hopefully Flores can bring the smarts and discipline from New England because Miami has about 0 of those.

Is Flores the right guy for the job? Honestly, who the hell knows? Flip a coin. Though being the LBs coach for the Patriots, he handled the play calling duties this year once Patricia left. We all know the history of Belichick disciples and how not well they do once they leave the hooded one. Flores could be the guy who goes out there and changes that narrative, or he can go out there and stink up the joint and flop like all the others. There really is no way of telling right now. We know Flores has more of a personality than Gase, which means there’s a low chance that he looks like a weird-o on his opening press conference. That’s a plus.

We do know that Flores pretty much already has his entire staff picked out with his centerpiece being this man.

We don’t exactly know if Caldwell will be the offensive coordinator, QB coach, special assistant to the traveling secretary, assistant coach or what exactly. He’s done good work with other QBs in the league plus, he can help Flores out with how to go about being a head coach since he was one. I do like the idea of seeing that classic Jim Caldwell face regardless if the Dolphins are doing good or bad. Nice to be able to rely on Caldwell being steady and consistent.

There are a few New England coaches that Flores is being over which is leading some to call them the Miami Patriots. I’m fine with that. It’s nice to think that with Flroes coming to Miami and bringing New England coaches with him, that it means that the Dolphins will be smarter and more physical. That be nice, if for a change, that the Dolphins had a sense of knowing what they were doing out there.

One thing we are aware of is that reports came out a few weeks a ago and resurfaced this past weekend that the Dolphins, knowing that Flores was their guy, might already be punting on next year in hopes to land a top QB in the crystal clear 2020 NFL draft. Not sure how Flores and Caldwell are going to convince a team of grown men who are trying to get paid by playing their best to lay down every week. It’ll be quite the tightrope act. What this all means is that they’re going to younger and cheaper, which will probably yield not a ton of wins, which is what Dolphin brass wants. Getting a QB is the most important thing Flores, Grier and the rest of the Dolphin’s brass need to do. Whenever they do it, if they ever do it, will be what really determines if this team turns it around or not. I don’t think I’m breaking any ground there. The Dolphins, are apparently, in the running to acquire every QB past and present so there’s no telling who will be slinging it in 2019. What I do know is that we finally have a coach and now the Dolphins can truly start flipping the script on this F rated movie of a franchise.

BTW, Flores leaving New England to go to Miami really doesn’t quite down all the personnel of the AFC East just getting passed around to other teams in the AFC East like something that gets passed around to multiple users rhetoric.

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