Am I supposed to take into account that you’re trying to do your job as to why you didn’t accept the offer a free beer tossed at you because folks were happy you made it back to play after a team met your financial demands? Am I supposed to be impressed that you declined a free beer because you’re a professional who takes the game to serious to ever besmirch the honor that it is that you get to play it? Am I supposed to tip my cap to you that you didn’t let down all the young people out there who look up to you and if they ever saw you drinking an alcoholic beverage during a game all in the name of fun that their brains would fall out of their heads?

Well, I don’t good sir. I do not tip my cap to you. Want to know who I do respect? This man right here.

This is how you’re supposed to behave when someone offers you that nectar of the Gods. You slam it say thank you, and then get back to business. Not pick the bottle up, take a fake sip and then throw it on the ground, thus, perpetuating the idea that littering is an a cool thing to do. That’s what the kiddos out there are going to remember. That a guy who wouldn’t play because his asking price was to high, will go out there and not just insult a person for saying no to their generous offer of a crisp beer, but you’ll go ahead, not recycle and throw the bottle on the ground like some sort of hooligan. No sir, I do not condone this behavior and I hope you learn from this and start acting accordingly because there’s a lot of kids that look up to you.

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