I decided to take a look at and compare former Buccaneers first round draft pick Josh Freeman to current Buccaneers starting quarterback Jameis Winston.

Josh Freeman was cut from the Buccaneers’ roster during the 2013 season after starting just three games, so his stats from that season will not be included in this comparison.

Jameis Winston was drafted #1 overall in the 2015 NFL Draft, and currently is the team’s starting quarterback entering his fifth season.

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Josh Freeman 6-6″ 240 lbs

2009 #17 overall pick
(4 seasons) 57 games played – (not counting his 2013 three game season, when he was released by the Buccaneers)
24 wins – 32 losses
1,873 attempts
1,101 completions
12,963 yards
78 touchdowns
63 interceptions

Jameis Winston 6-4″ 231 lbs

2015 #1 overall pick
(4 seasons) 56 games played
21 wins – 33 losses
1,922 attempts
1,183 completions
14,628 yards
88 touchdowns
58 interceptions

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It’s sort of scary how similar Freeman’s and Winston’s careers have been through their first 4 years as the Buccaneers’ quarterback.

If Jameis Winston continues his inconsistent play, the Buccaneers might consider moving on from the former first round pick. I’m sure if Tampa Bay decided to move on from Winston they would have multiple trade suitors.

Winston still has high potential at a young age (25), so i doubt his career will be cut short like how Freeman’s ended up.

Bruce Arians should be able to get the best out of Winston’s ability as a passer, potentially helping guide him to his best statistical season in a creative offensive scheme.

Whatever happens with Jameis Winston, his career has been slightly better than Josh Freeman’s and, even if he doesn’t finish with the Buccaneers, he should be able to find success in his NFL career.

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