This past week in the Twitter world, I saw clips of the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Denver Nuggets game. What I saw was atrocious. I have never seen such horrible defense until now. What happened to the defense in the NBA? Is that not a skill in basketball anymore? Is that what the young kids are emulating now? Gosh, I hope not.

Exhibit A

Four players from OKC didn’t move their feet, hands up, denied the ball and barely even made a reaction to the offensive player. Since when you’re not supposed to move on defense? Is this a new rule I don’t know about? Please tell me this is a new rule in the book. Russell Westbrook barely moved his feet and hands. Isn’t he one of the top players in the NBA? Why is he the exception?  Because he is a super-star. No one in the NBA is an exception.

Basketball is a professional sport so therefore the players should play like one. The lack of defense in the NBA is sending a horrible message to the younger generation. The younger generation that is aspiring to become professional basketball players. All the hard work, the preparation, skills, and sweat that is put in by young athletes is unbelievable and to see the professionals ruined one of the most basic skills in basketball and I would say the hardest skill is daunting.

Most importantly, I would like to see improvement on the defensive side in the NBA. I must admit, it’s exciting to see competitiveness on defense at any level especially in the NBA. To see teams or individuals go for blocks, steals, and create defensive play into an offensive play is the most thrilling part about the sport.

Enough about my rant haha

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