I don’t care that this clip of Golden Tate celebrating cashing in is from two years ago when he resigned with the Lions instead of him just signing with the Giants. Nope, I don’t care about that one bit. I didn’t even know he did this two years ago, so I’m seeing this for the first time and it’s spectacular. It’s very well done and now even though I wasn’t rooting against Golden Tate, I am now very much hoping he succeeds and makes everyone forget about that Beckham guy.

If you’re feeling down or low today, watch Golden Tate recreating one of the most iconic scenes of all time celebrating the fact that just got a 37.5m contract with 23, guaranteed. Yeah I know you will never be getting 23 million dollars for anything, but you can smile at least a little bit at a guy having fun about getting 23 million dollars. Then, go and have the best Friday you can.

Also, respect to the range that Golden Tate displays playing not only Rod Tidwell but Jerry Maguire as well. Perhaps Tate will get into acting when his career is over. That be pretty good.

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