Well, it certainly looks like we have a good old fashioned blood feud happening right in front of our eyes as the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins try and show everyone who the better team is at being the worst team in the NFL. The battle between these two NFL franchises on who is going to out tank rebuild is on and I for one can’t wait to see how far each team is going to take it.

The Giants are pulling out all the stops this offseason in trying to secure the #1 pick to take a QB in the 2020 Draft. They released star safety Landon Collins, they are surprisingly, but not that surprisingly sticking with 38 year old Eli Manning as their QB and last night did the unthinkable and traded Odell Beckham to the Browns for a 1st rounder, a 3rd rounder and former 1st rounder Gabril Peppers.

The Dolphins have also put forth effort in being able to put forth a bad effort for next season. They didn’t jump at the chance at signing Trey Flowers, like many thought they would do. Instead of signing a receiver such as Jamison Crowder to a contract that gets him $17m guaranteed, they resigned their own player, DeVante Parker, to a contract that at most can get him $13m. And, if you believe the majority of the reports, the Dolphins are eyeing up Tyrod Taylor to be their QB for 2019, which means they’re looking to bench him around week 7 for Luke Falk or some other QB they draft in a late round. Basically, the Dolphins are putting their feet up and just and relaxing while everyone else throws money around.

It’s still tough to give anyone the edge right now in terms of who is going to win less games next year. Honestly, the fact that the Giants play in a better division might be their best asset. Miami can backdoor defeat the Bills and Jets any time they play them. But, there’s a lot of offseason left and the NFL Draft is right around the corner. Plenty of time for one of these franchises to simply pull the plug on the entire season and try and take the year off. Take the incomplete and see you in 2020.

What the best part about the whole situation is that the Dolphins and Giants actually play each other this season. Not exactly sure at what point in the year they will play, but it doesn’t matter because it promises to be a wonderful display of who could create a better NFL Football Follies video. It’s basically going to look like this…

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