Defense in the NBA didn’t get worse in the last 20 years like some “analysts” would make you believe. Players are improving every decade and learning smarter ways to play the game. Players like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Rudy Gobert play better defense than most players from the past, but get tossed in the belief that defense is no longer a thing. So if players are still good defenders, what is the issue?

To put it simply, the NBA has become incredibly soft. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the referees and league officials have created rules that have made players become more soft than ever. Every little bump on defense is a foul and some of the great drivers in the NBA can run into a defensive player and get on the free throw line. Not only are the fouls making defense less of a reality, but the referees are causing players to play with less heart.

On March 3rd, Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young was ejected after staring down a player… yes, you read that correct. Trae Young and Kris Dunn had been going at each other all game, but after one three point shot from Trae Young, he decided stare down his opponent. After he stared down Dunn however, a referee called a technical on Trae Young.

This might be the worst ejection I have seen in the history of sports. THIS is why the NBA has become soft. Trae Young was playing with heart and wanted to mock and intimidate the other player. Sure it may not be classy, but let the players show expression. A player getting ejected for staring down another player and a coach getting tossed for being mad at a referee’s terrible call are the most idiotic things in all of sports. If you want the game of basketball to be greater than it is now, then stop making it robotic and emotionless.

Here is Trae Young’s response to being ejected:

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