SmackDown Live comes to us tonight from Indianapolis, Indiana!

The Miz

Miz kicked off SmackDown Live tonight with a promo. He said all he wanted to do was make his dad proud. Shane made that happen for him. People told Miz to watch himself with Shane but didn’t believe them at first.

At Fastlane, Shane put his hands on him and his father and Miz will never forget it. Shane is rotten to the core like his father, Vince. They may own WWE but they don’t own MIz. He proved everyone wrong and he is the most must see WWE Superstar in history. Miz has earned everything he’s ever got in his life, especially after 13 years in WWE.

Miz challenged Shane McMahon to a match at Wrestlemania and said that he’ll whoop his ass at Wrestlemania.

Very strong words from the Miz and this has the potential to be one of the best matches on the ‘Mania card.

The Iconics Pin the WWE Woman’s Tag Team Champions

While it was a dirty win, the Iconics pinned Sasha Banks to defeat the champions.

It will be seen if the duo get a shot at the titles going forward or if this was just a one-off situation.

The Kevin Owens Show

For the first time in 2019, Kevin Owens hosts the Kevion Owens Show this week with guests Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

Owens voices the opinions of what many fans have been saying for weeks. He also said it’s time for talking to be over. He thinks the pair should both fight tonight.

Charlotte says she will beat the holy hell out of Becky. Becky retaliated by attacking Flair and they brawl to the outside. Officials come out to break the pair up and they eventually do just that.

This physicality is what this feud needs at this point, all we need is Ronda to be in the mix. Owens did a great job as the instigator in this situation as well.

Kofi Kingston’s Gauntlet Match

Kofi is out for his opportunity to go to Wrestlmania but has to go through five men first. The Bar are out first and Kofi will face Sheamus first. The two had a good back forth match but Kofi won with a Trouble in Paradise.

Next up is Cesaro. With Kofi already beaten down, Cesaro took advantage early. Despite the disadvantage, Kofi pinned him with the SOS.

Rowan is out now. This is Kofi’s biggest threat yet. Rowan dominated Kofi but Rowan was disqualified when he used a steel chair. He beat Kofi down and sent him through the announce team. Three down, two to go.

As Kofi lay atop the fallen announce table, Samoa Joe hits the ring. Joe is all over Kofi most of the match but Kofi reversed the muscle buster into a roll up for the win. Kofi is still alive!

Randy Orton is the last obstacle Kofi has to overcome to get to Wrestlemania. Kofi once again got a roll up win over Orton and Kofi is officially going to Wrestlemania! Not so fast.

Vince McMahon comes out and says Kofi is going to Wrestlemania as long as he can defeat one last competitor. Daniel Bryan comes out and Bryan takes advantage as soon as the bell rings. Bryan eventually wins and Kofi’s Wrestlemania dreams are seemingly over.

Overall, this episode was all about Kofi and the gauntlet match. While Kofi wasn’t able to get the spot, it’s likely he’ll still end up in the WWE title match. We’ll have to wait and see!

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