And that’s just the first page of this Masters tournament. The second page of guys includes names like Kuchar, Woodland, Fleetwood, DeChambeau, Fowler and lefty Phil Mickelson. I don’t feel like looking up how many majors are involved with all these players, but the answer is a buttload of majors. I didn’t even include Spieth and Mcllory who are 6 and 7 shots back. No reason why those guy can’t put up a crooked number and be right there on Sunday and win the Masters.

Also, Tiger Woods is one shot back and everyone is and will continue to lose their minds over the idea of him winning a major after years and countless hours of sports radio/tv discussing if not if Tiger will ever win a major again but will he ever compete like a real pro again. The answer to that was squashed and Tiger almost won the last major played last year, coming in second in the PGA championship. Tiger winning the Masters will be one of the biggest redemption stories of all time. Sure, it all started Thanksgiving weekend 10 years ago when Tiger had a 9 iron up against his head for trying to break the record for most side pieces at once, but the guy has had 4 surgeries on both his knees and back and has nearly everyone rooting for him to beat all these young guys. If he’s there on Sunday, than watching the Masters is required viewing for everyone in the country. Go to mass, get the your palm, and watch golf. That’s the day.

But, unfortunately Sunday looks like it’s going to be a wash out.

I don’t know if the good lord is secretly upset that he had to wash all those folk’s feet, but I just don’t see why he/she wants to interrupt such a glorious Masters leaderboard. But, who am I to say that the almighty is wrong? Nobody, that’s who. I guess that means you’ll have to take work off on Monday. Yep, I’m afraid you’re going to have call off on Monday and start your Easter vacation a little early. Such a shame you’ll have to do that. I’m sure you’ll get over it.

Take this weekend, and Monday in stride, and flat out enjoy it. Order your favorite foods and have a nice sixer ready to go and sink into your chair. That’s what this Masters weekend is about. And Monday too.

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