Some will get all giddy that NFL football stuff is happening. That’s all well and good, but personally, I won’t really start getting into it until the NFL Draft later on this month. Getting involved in the free agent frenzy was fun for a a few weeks, but now is when I return to a life without eyeballing every move of the NFL. Remember what Thanos said about balance being very important. That’s how I treat my sports. Need a bit of a break so that I can appreciate it when it’s here for real.

But, it is nice to see Xavien Howard getting back to work, attending voluntary off season workouts even when is contract situation is still looming. This looks like a very positive step into the right direction for him and the Dolphins. GM Chris Grier had this to say about resigning Howard longterm…

“…We’ve been talking to his agent back and forth a little bit and they’ve been very good to work with. Xavien wants to be here and wants to be here long term.” 

“It would be important because I think it could send a message – which we want – that we want our good young players to be here. So we’re trying to get something done.”

Yeah, I agree Chris. Signing your really good young players is a message we should be promoting here unlike some other people who used to be here.

I just feel very good, that at least right now, it’s not a messy situation between Howard and the Dolphins. It doesn’t appear that it’s going to get to Le”veon Bell or Antonio Brown levels any time soon, so watching the reports filter through the coming days won’t be that agonizing. That’s good for everyone’s self-esteem.

Fact is, Howard has a legit claim to being the best CB in the league, something you’d think Brian Flores, a guy who had Stephen Gilmore, knows is a good thing to have. Not having to worry that much about that side of the field when Howard is out there makes life much easier and interesting.

My prediction is that Howard resigns with the Dolphins in the next few weeks and it will be a for a massive amount of money. I realize the Dolphins are in tanking rebuilding mode and that they aren’t looking to throw around money to guys who aren’t figured to be here when the team truly turns it around. But Howard is a guy that has a lot of game left and can certainly be the main piece of a defense to build around. I think, not know, that Flores believes that too.

Feel good about this Monday

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