There was a moment there that I thought the Dolphins were going to take Haskins and not Wilkins. I would of been against that because that’s not how this team is being constructed. Remember, the Dolphins are tanking rebuilding and are looking to strike a QB next year. Can’t abandon that plan by taking Haskins just because he’s there. Wilkins is the monster that this defense needs and that’s who they decided would be their guy.

Christian Wilkins was a guy I wanted from the start because the Dolphins were God awful at stopping the run last year, so this makes a ton of sense. Making a ton of sense is something the Dolphins are usually immune too. Good to see Flores doing a smart thing.

Wilkins is touted as one of the best defensive players in the draft with many saying he was the best linemen on the defending champs team that was loaded with stellar d-linemen. Wilkins goes with the idea of building a team from the inside out. He starts on day 1 and has a chance to be the anchor for the Dolphin’s defense for years to come. What I also like about Wilkins is willingness to check authority. Rog will never be the same again.

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