Dear Stevie,

I always knew, deep inside my heart, I would be writing this letter one day. I can’t say I ever would have guessed it would be on the 19th, or that it would jump start a holiday weekend. That’s all icing on the cake. Greatness has a way of being poetic. Does this mean I can no longer address you as “Captain”? Nevertheless, welcome home Stevie.

For you, I’m almost certain this is a dream come true. I mean, how can it not be, right? I don’t need to peruse through your accolades, you know them as well as anybody. To do what you were able to do as a player, with one organization for you whole career, is something we could thank you endlessly for and it still would not be enough. The most important thing I want to emphasize, on behalf of the Detroit fan-base, is that your accomplishments in the Red Wing organization will always stand as proof of your love for our city, our state, and our passion for hockey. We can never truly know the meaning and importance of this city to you and your family, but I think we have a pretty good idea, and we respect the hell out of it.

For us, I’m almost certain this is most magnificent. I have a feeling, and the goosebumps on my skin will prove it, that this might be one of the most important days in Detroit Red Wings history that we will ever witness. For us, it is magnificent. You captained our team, with Ken Holland at GM, to multiple Stanley Cups and an amazing playoff streak. You walked away from the ice and into the front office. Your success continued. Again, I won’t run through what you were able to get done in Tampa. That’s common knowledge at this point. What I will say, is this. It means the world to Detroit hockey fans that you are coming home. It’s almost insulting trying to put it into words. With the shape our organization is in, and what you built and left behind, it blows my mind. Welcome home Stevie.

We cannot thank Ken Holland enough for what he brought to this organization. You know it first hand, you won Cups together. We are excited that he is willing to stay with the organization and work with you. That has every single one us excited. When we talk about building a culture, that is the exact selflessness necessary, and it’s starting at the top. Chris Illitch said it best. We have no doubt this will go well, Stevie. Even more so, we are 100% certain this will be fun. That’s what it’s all about, having fun. You got the dream job you were always after, we got the man we wanted for the job. Now, we’re about to have some fun.

Let’s go get this rebuild. Your banners are getting a little lonely. #LGRW


Stevie Welcome Home

ZachMac (and all self-proclaimed indebted Red Wings fans)

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