The Colorado Rockies have two stars in Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story who are making a case for being the best at their positions. They are a part of recent success for the Colorado Rockies.

Recently Arenado and Story have reached milestones in their career. Story reached 100 home runs against the Orioles last Friday to help the Rockies to a walk off win. Story by passed Alex Rodriquez with 418 at bats to achieve the goal. He is also becoming a great defensive player at the shortstop and has really proven himself to be one of the best in MLB.

Arenado got his 200th career home run on Saturday against the Orioles with a 3 run shot. He accomplished it in just 925 games. Making him 6th overall on the Rockies all time records with 685 RBI’s. This is just one of the many records he will reach in his career. At the rate he is going, who knows he may reach 400 home runs!

Right now Arenado has a line of .427/.467/.829 with a .308 average. That is unreal and he is only getting started while Story has a .298 average with 13 home runs so far this season. These are two all stars who have been unbelievable for the Rockies in this short season. It is amazing what more they can accomplish in the next few years. Areando just signed a 8 year deal keeping him in Colorado for the long term.

The Rockies may have had a slow start but they are finally seeing some success. Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story make up the left side of one of the best infields in the game. They make plays that many others can not and they make it look easy.

Expect Story and Arenado to be in MVP talks and win many awards. It is so much fun to watch them. Rockies fans are very spoiled to watch these guys every night and there will be more to come in the future.

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