Now here’s something we can all agree on. The Dolphins will be wearing these absolute stunner of a throwback jersey for a game next year. What’s even better is that the game that the Dolphins will be dawning these masterpieces will be against the Patriots week two. Not sure if you remember, but the the Dolphins beat the Patriots last year on the last play of them game. Perhaps, you heard of it.

We all know that these and also the blue/green version of the Dolphin’s throwback jerseys are easily the best jersey going and I don’t even think it’s remotely close. We also are aware that you can’t find one Dolphin’s fan, or fan of any other franchise, that thinks we shouldn’t be wearing these every single week. You can start any petition you want to get Stephen Ross to make these the permanent jersey, and you’ll get everyone to sign it. But, we all know that it wouldn’t matter because Ross is firm on keeping the current logo. Can’t really blame him because he probably makes more money having people buy two different logos as compared to just one.

I’ll take any game that the Dolphins wear the throwbacks. Maybe you’re like me, but I just feel that the Dolphins play better when they’re wearing the throwbacks. Yeah, I know you can point to games where they didn’t play well wearing them. To that, I say get out of my face with that kind of blasphemous talk. The Dolphins are unbeatable in the throwbacks and that’s all I got to say about that.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, even if you’re in north east PA for a change, and just know that for at least two weeks the Dolphins will be a pure wrecking ball out there because they get to wear these beautiful jerseys.

Let us remember just what kind of power these jerseys have…

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Of friggin course I’m including this…

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