By now I’m sure that some of you have heard of the guy who took to social media to find the woman he met at the NFL draft late last month. Oh, you haven’t? Well, let me recap things for you. I had the chance to speak with him. Here is his take on how things went down.

NFL Draft Guy His Perspective

NFL Draft guy

The man who shall be referred to as the NFL Draft Picture Guy told me that the young lady’s friend is the one who made up the story of them walking out of the bathroom when they were approached. Draft Guy assured me that they were all standing in the middle of the crowded streets in Nashville. The story of the bathroom was all a cover so that the young lady wouldn’t get in trouble with her husband.

Draft Guy said that the young lady is the one who approached him and yelled, “Baker”, as he was wearing his color rush Browns jersey. Words were exchanged, drinks were drank and a picture was taken. He says that she wasn’t wearing a ring so he figured everything was cool. The reason he posted the picture the next day was due to the fact that his phone died and didn’t think to get her number since he was a little buzzed. He says that all he wanted was a friendship. Sure, posting a pic of you and a young lady on social media is clearly just an attempt to land in the friend zone. But that’s neither here nor there. It turns out that his story didn’t end with a bricked shot at love.


I asked Draft Guy what he expected to gain from all of this. His response was shocking. It turns out that he’s creating T-shirts revolving around his 15 minutes of fame.

The biggest shock of them all is the fact that he recorded a parody of the hit song, “Old Town Road”, which he claims will be performed on American Idol on September 12th later this year. I kid you not. It’s centered around the draft, his love for the Cleveland Browns, and the young lady he met. It’s called, “Lonely Road”. They’re adding auto-tune and are actually making a music video with cowboy boots and Browns jerseys. Below is the first sneak peek…

Final Thoughts

Perhaps things are starting to look up for the Browns. For a franchise that hasn’t won a championship since 1964, they finally have a franchise quarterback in Baker Mayfield. They’ve also assembled the right amount of weapons on both sides of the ball.

Now, it seems that their fans are having special comebacks of their own. For the Draft Guy to fall flat on his face during a hookup and bounce back the way he allegedly has is quite the inspiration. Way to run that 2-minute drill Draft Guy!

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