I wish this wasn’t a topic of discussion, and yeah I know I’m perpetuating it, but it really grinds my gears. But there are a large number of fans out there who really have a problem with Reshad Jones openly skipping the 9 days of OTAs. You’d think people would appreciate someone skipping out on work, work that they don’t have to go to because it’s not mandatory because if given the chance, everyone in the world, who’s not a pro athlete, would do the same thing if their work said you don’t have to come to work if you don’t want to and we’ll still pay you. I wish my job gave me that option and I’m jealous that NFL players have that option. What kind of person would I be if I shamed guys like Jones if I would do the same thing if I could? I’d be a bad person. That’s the kind of person I’d be.

This idea that Jones skipping OTAs, practices from what I gather aren’t designed for guys like Jones, means anything towards how this season is going to go is laughable. Jones hasn’t gone to OTAs in years and I can easily say it meant nothing with the Dolphins underachieving mainly due to Jones playing, for the most part, very well.

There’s also this thought that Jones not being there is going to affect how he learns the new defense that Flores and company are installing. I’m pretty sure Jones will be able to figure out his assignments in the 7+ plus weeks of mandatory practices that start in June. If you wanna rail against him taking himself out of that one game last year, be my guest. I would have been fine if they released him at halftime of that game. But getting all over him for skipping practices that are geared towards the younger players, whom so many other players skip, is the biggest waste of time going.

So many of you folks want to take everything coaches say as gospel, so here’s Brian Flores speaking directly about this situation

“We’ve had a few conversations. I’m going to keep those conversations between he and I. Obviously this is all voluntary, so no issues

Case closed. Oh but Jones not being there means that he’s not being a leader. Who ever will lead this team into battle? What does coach Flores think about that?

“I would say, look, everything’s a case-by-case situation,” Flores said. “It really is. Again, it’s voluntary. I mean, we’ve got players all over the league who have shown a lot of leadership over a long period of time who haven’t shown up to the voluntary camps. So no, I wouldn’t say that.”

Guess that settles that right? If the coach says that it’s fine than I guess it’s fine. Now, I’m sure Flores wants Jones there but he knows this is a business and that players that could enjoy not being there when they don’t need to be. He also knows that when mandatory mini camp starts, that Jones will be there. So where’s the issue? That Jones is making $13m so he should be there? If you think that than get off my planet. Jones is working out on his own getting himself in shape the way he has been for years, and for the most part, it’s worked out very well for him and in a sense you. Here’s a picture of Reshad Jones working out or just trying to trick everyone into thinking he’s working out.

My advice is to go enjoy yourselves out in the nice weather, as long that isn’t north east PA. Don’t get all jazzed because some football player isn’t at practices that he doesn’t have to be at. Or, get all upset about it. Whatever you wanna do.

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