I wrote a similar blog a few weeks ago about how Josh Rosen will be starter come opening day when the masses were unsure who’d the starting QB against Baltimore. I put that issue to bed and it looks like I have to do it once more. The Reshad Jones saga is still the leading story in the club house for the Miami Dolphins. I’ll actually take it. The leading story for this team could be so much worse like someone getting bullied or a coach going skiing in his hotel room.

Brian Flores coming out and laying down the law saying that every position is up for grabs and that everyone has to earn is exactly what needs to be said. It’s also worthless to me because I know it’s not at all true. I know this because there isn’t a universe that exists where guys like Laremy Tunsil, Xavien Howard are not starting on day one. They can go out there dressed up like the Joker everyday during camp and they still will be starting.

The same goes for Reshad Jones. Now Jones isn’t at the level of Tunsil and Howard but he’s right behind them. Jones is making $12m this year and has been the subject of trade or even getting released type talk and has not showed up to voluntary OTAs , which is getting folks to get all high an mighty about what it takes to be a leader of a team. Unless one of those scenarios happens he’s going to be starting. I really don’t think I’m going on a limb predicting a multiple time pro-bowler to be a starter, but plenty of people think Jones might find himself riding the pine come September. Jones is simply much better than who else they have on the roster besides Fitzpatrick, who will also be starting.

Flores will start Jones because Jones will show up to mandatory workouts and will look “real good” making the decision easy for the first year coach. For the lower, younger, less expensive guys, sure, they’ll be fighting for positions. But for the older, more expensive guys, well, they will get the top spots and will only relinquish those positions if they’re hurt or playing really really bad.

So many people out there want to wrap themselves in a blanket of fairness when it comes to which players play. I just don’t get it since there’s been so many times where players have played due to their contract being so high, the owner tells the coaches who they want out there, or because they were good in the past. If you think I’m lying, just go watch The Replacements.

If you’re looking for fairness, there’s only one way to get that

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    I don’t think Flores is bluffing here. Jones is an incredible player but I’m getting a warm fuzzy feeling that Miami finally might just have some real, no b.s. coaches. Every player must compete.

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