SPOILER WARNING: I hate that I’m writing spoiler warning for Avengers Endgame because you’ve had a week to see the biggest movie of all time, so you having some things from the movie laid out here and potentially ruining something for you seems like it’s your fault. Grow up and see the movie within a 2-3 days of when it comes out to avoid that issue.

Avengers Endgame was everything I thought it could be more. 22 movies over 10 years wrapped up in 3 hours. It was a monumental feat to pull off and Marvel did just that. It’s a movie that, predictably, is and will continue to shatter all the box office numbers most of which Marvel already set with past movies.

Currently, I’ve scoured YouTube for scenes from the movie just so I can feel those emotions I had when I originally saw them a week ago. You know what scenes I’m talking about that most definitely may or may not bring out the water works.

But, a thought I had after viewing Avengers Endgame for the second time is that when the Hulk put on the new gauntlet equipped with all the stones and snapped everyone back from 5 years earlier, that it must of caused a lot of regular people a ton of problems.

Think about it, 5 years had passed and 50% of the Earth’s population was wiped out meaning that 50% were not. Those remaining 50% surely grieved for a while, but many grieved and then moved on with their lives meeting new people and attempted to start new lives with other people. It’s only logical that people wouldn’t want to be alone so partnering up with your hot neighbor down the street who lost her husband in the snap seems like a pretty good idea. It’s not like regular people had any idea that the remaining Avengers were going to try and bring everyone back at some point. All they knew was that their significant other was gone and life is short. Might as well shack up with the neighbor and at least try and have some kind of normalish life going forward. Then out of no where, after 5 years of moving on, their wife or husband is just back in their living room. Talk about having a lot of explaining to do.

I’d like to think that the people who got snapped back into existence would understand that their wife/husband thought they were gone forever and that they just didn’t want to be alone for the rest of their lives. But, we know that people can be irrational especially after being in some kind of limbo state or just sitting around for 5 years in the Soul World(were not sure exactly what happened. Maybe we’ll know more in the next Spider Man in the Summer). I would imagine, instantly reappearing back into existence would be a little jarring. Now add on you reappearing back in your old bedroom where your wife/husband and their new “friend” are doing the hibbity dibbity and you have an awful homecoming. Everyone is just yelling at each other like you were doing being before the initial snap and families are torn apart for a second time.

I think the original Avengers that put the plan of stealing the stones from the past in an effort to bring everyone back should of put out a PSA before they did it telling everyone what they were trying to do and that anyone who was married or sleeping with new people need to get that all figured out and get their stories straight. That would of been the decent thing to do, but the Avengers never got around to that and just went and brought everyone back without any warning to the general public. I’m not saying that it was a bad idea to bring everyone back, though I bet life was less stressful and a bit calmer with half the population gone not to mention that animal life had to be booming, I’m just saying a little heads up from the Avengers would have been the proper thing to do.

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Maybe that will be what Phase 4 of Marvel will be about. Everyone whose lives were ruined because the Avengers never warned the general public that they were bringing everyone back rise up and try to take the Avengers out. I can get behind that for a movie or two.

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