It’s safe to say that 2019 hasn’t been kind to the reigning World Series Champions Boston Red Sox. Is the window of opportunity finally closing for the Red Sox or do they have enough left in the tank?

 Boston hasn’t looked like the reigning World Series Champions and to some it has become worrisome. It brings up the question of what is wrong with the Red Sox. Are they just going through an early season slump or is there something to worry about?

It’s true that many championship teams do tend to struggle the following year and repeating as champions is tough. But it is not impossible. At this point, it looks like the Red Sox are following the pattern.

They are still are positive that with a few adjustments they can still turn this year around. The main issues have been there ability to score runs and the pitching. Even though they have players like Mookie Betts and J.D Martinez who are top hitters, they are playing better as of late.

The Red Sox need to work on making little things like bunting and walks instead of relying on home runs. Find ways to make things happen. The pitching has not been good and its worrisome that ace Chris Sale is 0-5. Lately, the starters have put up some good starts.

There is a bright spot for Boston and that’s the emergence of Michael Chavis, who was called up on April 19 due to injuries.  Chavis has been able to fill in many spots in the infield along with his .286 batting average,.429 on base percentage and 1.071 OPS.

What seemed to work for the Red Sox in the past hasn’t worked in 2019 and changes may be considered in Boston. But don’t count them out as they have found ways to bounce back before.

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