James Holzhauer knew what it was like to lose since he is a Las Vegas sports better. To be so close he can taste it. To know so desperately that he was always right, yet to fail nonetheless. James would ask to what end? Dread it, run from it, destiny arrived all the same and for 32 nights was there to dominate any person who got in his way.

The force that is James Holzhauer, who made Jeopardy must watch TV every night for 32 nights, by completely and soundly destroying every person that stood in his way came up short. The news of Jeopardy James getting dusted started surfacing this morning, or that’s at least when I first started seeing it. Some thought that maybe it was a ruse, some kind of awesome 2019 style editing that made it look like the mad titan Jeopardy James had lost when he in fact didn’t. Sadly, it is all to real and James Holzhauer will be leaving your TVs at 7:30PM for the forcible future.

I need to say just how much of a phenom James Holzhauer has been. They way he took on the Jeopardy board every night by going for all the 1000/2000 dollar questions first and then by typically shoving every thing he had when he found a daily double had everyone that tried and take down the thrown rattled within minutes of the game starting. Then how he would wager massive amounts of money during Final Jeopardy was death blow that he rendered every night. How he absolutely had most of the folks who took him on looking for a hole to crawl in when James ended their dream of being on the game show that they’ve been watching since they were kids, thus probably making the game show that they loved be a source of stress for the rest of their lives was mesmerizing to witness every night.

Many times, it was almost like James was toying with everyone. Like he knew he was head and shoulders above everybody he faced. That he could vanquish them whenever he felt like it. This was kind of similar to how it was when Mike Tyson was in his prime. The fight was over before it even started.

What made James such a freak of nature, betting wild amounts on Final Jeopardy, is what ultimately was his undoing. He entered Final Jeopardy down around $4 grand and only bet $1399 where as Emma bet everything she had.

But he got so close to obtaining the all time record of money won in a single run on Jeopardy that was held by Ken Jennings. Though he didn’t get the record, the fact that he was $60,000 shy of reaching in 40 less shows should easily let people know that James Holzhauer is the greatest player of Jeopardy ever. I feel like this has the feel of Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus has more majors but Tiger’s dominance was greater than Jack’s thus even though he doesn’t have as many majors as Jack, I’d say the majority think Tiger was a better player.

So close to the record, only to be defeated by Emma who knew she had to go all out if she she wanted to hang with James. She went all in on a Daily Double in Double Jeopardy, putting her whole night on the line. She hit it and the charge was on.

What will James do now? Hopefully something that keeps him in the public’s eye because this guy has “it.” I bet he’s been or will be offered some sort of on air TV position where he hosts a game show or something like that because I think he will go down as the greatest game show player of all time even though he didn’t get the record. Or, he can just go back to Vegas and continue to bet on sports. He’s $2.3m dollars richer since when he began his quest for domination. He really can do whatever he wants so here’s to Jeopardy James hitting up all the late night shows and letting everyone in on what it was like to nearly conquer the known game show universe. I can’t wait for the 30 for 30 that will surely come out in about 4 years. Maybe, they’ll even make a biopic like they have for bands like Motley Crue and Queen. I’d be into that.

What a journey it’s been. You can say that eventually we all knew there would come a time where Jeopardy James Holzhauer, who seemed unbeatable would be ousted. Domination, like this, always eventually comes to an end. Whether it be a sports’ team or a government, they all come to an end. So close, only for it all to slip through his hands. Perhaps in another reality we’ll get to see what came out of James Holzhauer’s run.

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BTW- I didn’t break down the entire match today against Emma because I was watching and typing at the same time. I just wanted to just give you basics on how James Holzhauer showed that he might be the smartest person on the planet. Hope you liked it. If not, okay

BTWAgain- With James gone now I can actually watch Jeopardy and try and answer the questions. James being there sort of made feel not worthy to even try and answer the questions from my couch. I felt it was my duty just to watch and be awed.

BTWOne more time- Here’s his stats…

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