The NBA is reportedly toying the idea of shortening the schedule starting in 2021-22 for the leagues 75th year anniversary.

The regular season NBA schedule should be more spread out

The regular season NBA schedule is definitely a grind. As fun as it is to make fun of “load management,” you can definitely understand why superstar players take games off for rest. There are back-to-back games and lots of travel in a small period of time. If the NBA were to eliminate back-to-back games and give teams more rest in between games, then superstars should be able to play more games. There have been multiple examples when stars were going to play on national TV, then it is announced that the star is out due to rest, and the NBA is left with an egg of there face. To resolve this, the NBA should keep the number of games the same but end the regular season at a later date

Now, there is a problem with expanding the total length of the regular season: the playoffs would start in May and end in July. This would push back the draft, free agency, and teams would have little time to prepare for the following season. So, how can you make sure the playoffs end the same time they do now? Shorten the playoffs. Make it the best eight teams in the NBA and conferences should not be a factor in seeding.

The playoffs are way too predictable

The stats from the last ten postseasons (since 2010) are overwhelming. Lower seeds have little chance of making it out of the first round, never mind being legitimate championship contenders. The following chart shows the dominance of top seeds in the last decade

Some important stats from the table:

One seeds and two seeds are 18-2 against seven and eight seeds since 2010

One five seed or lower has made the conference final since 2010

30 of 40 one or two seeds have reached the conference final since 2010

Conclusion: Lower seeds have no chance, so having a sixteen team playoff is a waste of time.

With just three rounds instead of four, the NBA playoffs will be shorter, so they should rap up around the same time as they do now. Also, the series’ themselves will be far more competitive. Cutting out all the dead weight that has no chance of winning will make the playoffs far more compelling. This would also put an emphasis on regular season games; super teams know they can walk to a playoff spot and take off regular season games. Teams like the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic making the playoffs is an absolute joke. Their rosters weren’t good enough to contend for a playoff spot or a championship. Making the playoffs the best eight teams will also eliminate the major difference in talent between the east and the west.

I know this will not happen

I know this is will not happen, I just think it should happen. Lessening the number of playoff teams will lead to less total money from tickets and ratings. This will lead to owners and the NBA getting frustrated because they get less money. This will also make the players mad because their salary depends on the salary cap, which is determined by revenue.

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