The Phoenix Suns have been rebuilding for years. Every critic and fan had a different reaction to the way the 2019 NBA Draft went for the Suns. Phoenix has a solid starting five now, however they need depth on their bench. In NBA free agency, there are three needs the Suns should address. These needs are signing a point guard, a power forward, and a center who can provide a spark off the bench. Despite drafting a point guard they need a prominent point guard in free agency.

Phoenix Suns sign prominent starter

Phoenix Suns
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Phoenix acquired power forward Dario Saric from the Minnesota Timberwolves in a trade, according to az central. Saric can stretch the floor by being able to shoot from anywhere on the court. Additionally, he has playoff experience from his time with the Philadelphia 76ers. Phoenix needs a power forward who can backup Saric, along with Dragan Bender. Furthermore, the Suns need a center to back up their franchise center Deandre Ayton. Perhaps they should sign a player who is a solid defender, rebounder, passer, and can shoot the ball from anywhere, but it physical in the key.

Free Agents Who Should Sign with The Phoenix Suns

Here is a list of free agents I think the Suns should sign in free agency. The problem the Phoenix Suns face is who is going to want to play in Phoenix? The players who believe they can win can turn the franchise around and want to turn the franchise around.

Point Guards Phoenix Suns should sign

Phoenix Suns

Ricky Rubio

Previously, I wrote a piece on why the Phoenix Suns should sign Rubio. Rubio is a true point guard who has been to the playoffs with the Utah Jazz and won a playoff series with them. By true point guard I mean he passes the ball first, creates plays for his teammates, solid defender, and can shoot baskets when needed. Rubio is a scrappy defender and has crazy handles.

Terry Rozier

Rozier is another point guard who has been to the playoffs and won multiple series. Two years ago Boston signed Kyrie Irving then he got injured in the regular season. After, Irving got injured Rozier became the starting point guard. During the playoffs, he had an impact on multiple series for the Celtics. Rozier is also a true point guard but is efficient from beyond the arc. Furthermore, he is a player who is physical and similar to Rubio has excellent court vision.

Power Forwards

Phoenix Suns
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Trey Lyles

Lyles signing with the Phoenix Suns would be a reunion with Devin Booker as they played college basketball together at the University of Kentucky. Lyles is a tall and skinny power forward. Despite being skinny he provides a physical presence in the key. Additionally, over the years he has developed a three-point shot, which means he could stretch the floor for the Suns. Lastly, Lyles is a starter, but with Denver, he was a backup; he can exceed in either role.

Johnathan Motley

Motley is a power forward for the Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario California and the Los Angeles Clippers. Motley is a solid defender and is physical in the key. He is a player on the rise and can hold his own in the paint. Additionally, another one of his skills is being able to run the floor with his team. Going to Phoenix could be a wise choice for him to continue to improve his skills and help turn the franchise around.

Kenneth Faried

Faried would be an excellent bench player for the Phoenix Suns as he provides energy off the bench. He is the player who hustles and fights for the loose balls. Furthermore, he is a solid defender, a high flyer, and gritty player. Faried has played for multiple teams including Denver, Toronto, Brooklyn, and Houston. His style of play reminds me of Ben Wallace but can shoot the ball from anywhere. Lastly, he is versatile and can play power forward or center.


Phoenix Suns

Noah Vonleh

Vonleh has been in the NBA for a short time and could already be considered a journeyman. He has played for five teams in his five years in the league. In his time in the NBA his best years have come so far when he was in Portland. Vonleh is an athletic and a scrappy player on both ends of the court. Furthermore, he can grab rebounds, for a big man steal the ball, and is a solid defender. His offense every year keeps improving. The Phoenix Suns signing Vonleh would give them an athletic backup center that can hold his own in the key.

Frank Kaminsky

Kaminsky has played for the Charlotte Hornets all four years he has been in the NBA. In college, he was a dominant player. He can grab rebounds, block shots, play defense, and has a decent jump shot in the key. Since his time in the league, he has developed his three-point shot, which only keeps improving. The Suns signing Kaminsky would give them a player on the bench who can stretch the floor. Lastly, he could possibly be the Suns sixth man because of his versatility as a center.

Thomas Bryant

Bryant signing with Phoenix would be a surprise to me. He has only been in the league for two seasons, playing for the Lakers and Wizards. Defense is his specialty, he does have a post game and can shoot a jump shot. Every now and then he will attempt shots from beyond the arc. However, he is more of a true center who can defend, grab boards, block shots, and pass the ball back out to their teammates.

Willie Cauley-Stein

Cauley-Stein signing with the Phoenix Suns would be a reunion just like Lyles as all three of them played college basketball at Kentucky. Also, Cauley-Stein has played with the Sacramento Kings his entire career and has developed into a starter. He still has a jump shot he is developing and is known for his high flying dunks and blocks. Furthermore, he thrives on defense and his ability to stop defenses from scoring at the rim.

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