Suns Main Goal Should be Sign Point Guard in Free Agency

Phoenix Suns haven’t made the playoffs since the 2009/2010 season. That is a one-decade drought. This organization hasn’t been to the playoffs since Steve Nash was their point guard. Phoenix is looking to free agency to find a veteran prominent point guard to lead them to the playoffs. Then the negative news is that there are only a few prominent point guards in free agency this off-season.

The good news is there are many veterans in the 2019 NBA free agency this off-season. In addition, they are about ten prominent point guards in free agency. One of these players is someone the Suns should look to sign. Phoenix is one of many teams that are looking to sign free agents that are prominent and non-prominent. They have been rebuilding for a while. What the Suns need right now is a point guard who is willing to stay and help this team improve.

Phoenix Suns Signing Ricky Rubio is Wise

This player they should look to sign is Ricky Rubio from the Utah Jazz. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, they said Rubio is not their first priority. Phoenix is looking for a point guard who compliments their star player Devin Booker. I am sure they would be okay with signing a veteran guard, with playoff experience, and drafting a rookie guard to learn from the veteran. Currently, Rubio is a wise fit for the Suns as he is a “true” point guard, has been to the playoffs, advanced in the playoffs with Utah, and he is under the age of 30, which means he hasn’t entered his prime yet. Furthermore, all the other free agent guards are signing with prominent organizations, hence why not sign with an organization that is looking to make the playoffs. Additionally, they have the roster as they have been rebuilding since 2009.

Phoenix Suns Roster

Phoenix traded for Kelly Oubre Jr. this past season. Oubre provides the teams with energy as a starter and off the bench. Furthermore, he has been to the playoffs with the Washington Wizards. Tyler Johnson is the point guard that came from the Miami Heat and can learn from Rubio. Johnson missed some of the season with a knee injury, according to an article by Fansided. They did sign Jimmer Fredette who is a point guard and helped them in the last few games of the season. Josh Jackson is small forward that was drafted in 2017 who can make plays for his team defensively and can learn behind Oubre Jr. Then they have their center they drafted last season in Deandre Ayton. Lastly, they have been building around Devin Booker.

Devin Booker Breaks Records

Ricky Rubio
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Devin Booker is the franchise player for the Suns that everyone knows about. Despite not winning a lot of games or making the playoffs he has made history in many games. For example, he has set records for points scored in a single game. Two seasons ago he scored 70 points against the Boston Celtics in a loss according to Bleacher Report. Then last season in a loss to the Utah Jazz Booker scored 59 points and broke other records according to Newsweek.

Ricky Rubio a True Point Guard

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio is a true point guard who passes first, plays defense, creates plays for his teammates and can score when needed. Now that the Utah Jazz traded for Mike Conley Jr. the Suns should sign Ricky Rubio as their point guard. Rubio is the type of point guard the Suns need with the roster they have now. If he signs with Phoenix there are players around him who can score, in Booker, Ayton, and others. Since Rubio draws defenders towards him, this would allow Booker more space to create plays. It would also mean the defense would have to choose who they are going to double team.

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