For now, Terrell Pryor is still playing in the NFL. In November, Pryor was released by the Bills and his journey through the NFL seemed like it was over. I wrote about his release and how T-Pryor just couldn’t be consistent at any one thing when he was playing. Whether it was QB or WR, Pryor would flash and then come back to Earth.

Pryor has been one of those guys that I’ve always been fascinated with. His combination of size, speed and ability to throw the football, at least a little bit, always made him a bit of an enigma with me and apparently still some NFL scouts. A lot of that has to do with when Pryor was in high school he absolutely demolished my high school’s biggest rival in the state championship. It wasn’t even fair.

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The phrase man among boys gets thrown around here and there. Well, Terrell Pryor against the Dunmore Bucks was like the Globetrotters vs. the backups for the Washington Generals.

Then after not doing much in Oakland, he went to Cleveland and naturally had his break out game against the Dolphins.

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Pryor’s journey through the league has had it’s ups and down, well mostly downs, so I was fully expecting never to really hear about Pryor again unless he either showed up as a coach at a school in Ohio or perhaps even the XFL. Fortunately, the Jaguars will always have a thing for enormous wide receivers and are giving Pryor a shot at making the squad. A lot can happen between now and the start of the regular season, but for now Terrell Pryor has another chance to show everyone that he still has tread on the tires. I’m all for a guy like Terrell Pryor getting another shot with a chance to keep the idea of playing pro sports going just a little bit longer and for as long as possibly can.

BTW- Pryor going to the Jaguars reminds me so much of when the Jags drafted Matt Jones in the first round. They really thought he was going to be such a mismatch because he was 6’6 and ran a 4.4 40 and was also a QB at Arkansas. Man, did that ever blow up in their face.

BTWAgain- If this was a one handed catch, Twitter would be on fire

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