Scrolling through Twitter trying to find something to write about that is even quasi interesting and low and behold there’s this gem from the Miami Hurricanes pitching staff. I really wish I knew about this national treasure a lot earlier so I could’ve been chronicling the progress of the Hurricanes pitching staff.

Kids, this is what it’s all about. It’s not about positioning yourself in the best possible way to get yourself drafted, or just trying to go out there and enjoying yourself. It’s about coming up with a lights out warm up routine to let me know that perhaps the youth of today aren’t doomed. Simply A+ plus work with everyone involved.

Now if you’re a baseball purist, you could say that there were several false starts because the receivers on The Miami Hurricanes Pitching staff were illegally downfield before the snap, and you might also say that some of the linemen moved a bit early. Semantics aside, this WR screen reverse pass for a TD was ran to perfection. The QB go his linemen down, called out the Mike and the WRs sold everything to perfection.

I know Steph Curry likes to put on a show before pregame by drilling full court 3s over and over again, which is nice, but we’ve seen it for years. Give me 11+ baseball guys working together, dazzling the crowd by running football plays and I will say that this warm up routine is best in sports.

I hope that the staff finds time in their busy schedules of school and baseball to watch a little film and really go deep into the playbook. I’d love to see a Philly Special, or a Miami Miracle ran before the Hurricanes baseball team plays their opponent. Pretty sure we all would.

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