Known for his interests in fashion, Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews has not shied away from going big with his attire, even in the offseason. Unafraid to go outside the box, this summer has already provided a variety of Auston Matthews tie-dye looks.

Matthews was one of two NHL stars listed in Sports Illustrated’s Fashionable 50, a list of fifty of the most stylish professional athletes compiled in partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The only other NHLer to make the list is PK Subban, a big personality in the league and Matthews’ NHL video game cover predecessor.

Since Kyle Dubas replaced Lou Lamoriello as the Leafs general manager last summer, Toronto’s players have slowly embraced their new freedom in self-expression and personality. From ditching Lamoriello’s anti-facial hair policy to embracing high jersey numbers, making a statement with clothing falls right in with the Leafs’ new allowances. 

So in the mundane of the pro hockey world, recognition for personal style truly is a high honor. Matthews has always expressed his affinity for high fashion, and in turn has been applauded for it. 

But even the NHL’s prince of fashion can make some surprising (or really, perhaps unsurprising) outfit choices. His new summer fling? Tie-dye.

It’s definitely out there, definitely a statement, and maybe even avant-garde, at least in the context of NHL fashion. So from great to best, here’s every Auston Matthews tie-dye outfit thus far.

5. Pastel Tie-Dye Shorts with Black T-Shirt

Auston Matthews in tie-dye shorts at Top Golf
(via Instagram)

Pastel tie-dye shorts paired with a plain black t-shirt is the safest way to wear tie-dye. The dark, neutral shirt ensures all the attention on the pattern. There aren’t many risks in this outfit and it’s the most normal tie-dye look we’ve seen this summer. The mini man-bun is really the highlight of this look.

4. Bright Tie-Dye Shorts

Auston Matthews in tie-dye shorts
(via Twitter)

While this look seems crazy, it really is a personality piece. Bright tie-dye shorts and nothing else but his neck chain and a water bottle. It really sets the scene for a carefree summer, just the way the offseason should be. 

3. Tie-Dye Shorts with a Indie Rock Merch Shirt

Auston Matthews in tie-dye shorts and an indie rock shirt
(via Instagram)

While this look is not as clean cut as the first, there are a lot more fun pieces to examine here. I love this t-shirt, merch from the indie rock band Spoon. Matthews has been known to wear a lot of merch from his favorite things, be it from musicians like this or The Office. It’s a very small peek into his personality but much more than other NHL stars have ever done. Anyhow, the neutrals in this outfit still highlight the tie-dye but bring in more personality and artfulness without overwhelming the patterns. 

2. Tie-Dye Shorts with Slides and Sandals

Patrick Marleau and Auston Matthews, who is in tie-dye and orange slides
(via Instagram)

The pastel shorts return with the mini man-bun, maybe that’s a locked pairing. While the Nike t-shirt isn’t as cool as the band merch in the previous outfit, the real star of this look is in the footwear. Matthews dismisses every faux pas with bright orange slides with sandals. And you know what? It compliments the muted pastels of the tie-dye. It works. 

1. Poolside Tie-Dye

Auston Matthews poolside in tie-dye
(via Instagram)

And finally, the look that inspired all of this in the first place, the ultimate tie-dye look. It’s no surprise that this outfit slides in at first. It’s not entirely clear from the photo if this is a long shirt or a matching ensemble concept, but both are incredibly trendy and high-fashion right now. It transcends every mainstream look, fashionable or not, seen across the NHL. While the others were mostly for fun, this one is a clear fashion statement. A full tie-dye outfit, top to bottom. Not only did Matthews wear it, but he went the full mile, fully embraced it, and styled it like a true Instagram guru would. The photo itself is well-thought out and the spatial juxtaposition is purposeful. This is the ultimate Auston Matthews tie-dye look. This is the one that reaffirms Auston Matthews as a member of Fashionable 50.

With summer still in full swing, we can hope to expect more tie-dye from Matthews in the coming weeks. It is undoubtedly fun and refreshing to see an NHL player embrace self-expression and unashamedly share pieces of his personality in such a way. It’s rare to see hockey players put themselves out there and come away from the cookie-cutter normal, so hats off to Auston Matthews. 

Keep the big looks coming. 

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