Am I missing something? Is there a giant Facebook group that I was never added to that’s called “Let’s Lie and Say We Like Once Upon A Time in Hollywood”? I have no idea how anyone in their right mind could enjoy this movie. I would rather listen to an overzealous preacher shout his beliefs through a megaphone while I waited in line at the DMV than watch this snoozefest again. What the fuck. What the fucking fuck was that?

I’m not even going to give a spoiler alert because there’s NOTHING to spoil.

Where do I even start? I was so excited for this movie. Historically I am a big fan of Tarantino movies. Leo and Brad Pitt are always great. And absolutely no one is ever going to complain about having Margot Robbie on screen – it seemed like a recipe for success. The casting was well done, there’s no arguing with that. I guess when you really boil it down, my only problems with the movie are the plot, the characters, the pacing, the beginning, the middle, and the end. But you wanna know what my real gripe with it all is? The people who like it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “You must not be a Tarantino fan”. FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUCK YOU! A bad movie is a bad movie. I don’t care who makes it. I get it, Tarantino is an absolute legend and he got that way by making movies that are a little different, but everyone has to stop acting like his movies are some acquired taste or something I have to study for to really enjoy.

Which brings me to the other group of people who are telling me why I didn’t like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. “You just don’t know enough about the Charles Manson murders.” Sorry I didn’t get the summer reading packet before I went to the AMC. Plus Charles Manson has nothing to do with the scenes where Leo’s character is a bumbling fool in front of the camera that seem to last longer than a CVS receipt. Or with the fact that Margot Robbie DOES NOT SPEAK TO ANOTHER MAIN CHARACTER UNTIL THE LAST 10 SECONDS OF THE FILM. Worst movie of the year, maybe the decade, possibly the history of cinema.

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    I agree!! Worst movie ever! I fell asleep waiting for something to happen. Seriously. I’ve never fallen asleep in a theater in my life. . . My sister begged me to LEAVE in front of everyone. I stayed. TIME WASTED!

      100% agree. I have been a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and especially Al Pacino. I instantly recognized the characters of Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate, and Charles Manson but this is far into this movie as I could get before stopping it. This is absolutely the worst movie I have ever wasted 30 minutes of my life watching. Is there some kind of gag that being pulled on viewers.

        Completely agree. I was so excited to go & see it, a friend walked out & i stayed thinking it cannot possibly be this bad…it was

    I couldn’t agree more, I too am a Tarantino fan but to your point – a bad movie is a bad movie no matter who is behind it. The characters were well acted (of course) but they had no substance at all, and WTF was Margot’s character about? Her entire on screen time was a complete waste of time in an already bloated film that has way too much nonsense completely unrelated to the story. There was a lot of build up in some of the scenes but not a single one paid off with any kind of revelation or character arch’s. I kept waiting for something to happen but was continuously disappointed with absolutely zero conclusions. The story just didn’t have any structure to it – it’s almost like if Tarantino isn’t portraying constant flash backs or flash forwards or constructing these long drawn out scenes filled with dialogue, then he doesn’t know what to do. The timing of the film was so disjointed and again, NOTHING HAPPENED!!

    okay boomer

      Your parents have a lot to answer for.

      Okay retard

    This movie is horrible

    I feel I wasted ONE hour of my life to see half of this garbage. I could stare at ceilings. That would be more beneficial.

    Found this page by googling “Once upon a time in Hollywood terrible” to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Thanks for confirming!

      Same here

    Stupidest movie I’ve ever seen.
    Tarantino has lost whatever talent he had, if any.

    Thank you!!! I thought I was stupid and just didn’t get the symbolism or something. This fight scene sucked too. I don’t see how that was a comedy or a drama. I am so lost.

    I agree with everyone’s negative comments about the movie and was so surprised that it won a golden globe and nominated for oscar. I found it so boring and lacking the witty and comical dialogue that is more typical in Tarantino’s movies. I loved the Hateful Eight and this movie was such a disappointing follow up.

    AMEN!!! I hate to bash Tarantino because im a very big fan of all his other movies..But I literally could not even BELIEVE how horrible this was..It was almost surreal.. I found myself thinking “how could a studio have even green lit this??”..

    I definitely almost fell asleep in the theater it was so needlessly long and boring!! I think the only thing that kept me awake was just waiting for something, anything! to happen..And when it finally did in the end? It was far too late and TOTALLY irrelevant to the rest of what I just watched, and I really just didnt care..

    The worst part of it was seeing that it actually got GREAT reviews, won awards, and hearing people say over and over how great it was…HUH??? Did we watch the same movie, orrrrrr WTF??

    Ive said it before and ill say it again, this was a classic “The emperor has no clothes” scenario, with Tarantino parading around absolutely BUCK NAKED out there..With all these moronic sheep adorning around him telling him how “well dressed” he was..It really was and is so ridiculous, its actually almost comical..and very sad..

    This movie was a terrible disappointment, a totally dismal FLOP compared to any of his other movies, and given all the crazy “praise” its gotten? Its now LOWERED the bar drastically for probably all other films to come..Sad state of affairs out there, not only in Hollywood, but in the world in general when total DOG gets labelled as anything even near “good”..

    Completely a waste of time, I’ll never get that time back in my lifetime kept waiting for something to happen….ZERO NADA ZIP NOTHING complete Piece Of SHIT ! Please for the love of Pete DO NOT WATCH THIS TRAIN WRECK !

    Just watched this piece of boring, badly acted, piece of shit. Sorry, but DeCaprios “acting” was shit and his performance was wooden and stilted. Reminded me of a high school kid acting for the first time.

    I forgot to add, a better title for this crap would have been, “People Driving Cars”.

    DiCaprio’s accent and acting in this are wooden, phoney, and grade school bad.

    Thank the stars I’m not losing my mind. With all the praise this film is receiving, I was ready to just give up and schedule a lobotomy. Shame on the entire cast and crew for showing up on the set every day to introduce this sack of crap to audiences. They all deserve anal warts paired with insomnia so they can experience inescapable discomfort for the abomination they have unleashed on the world. I don’t know if there’s a God, or a heaven, but there’s one thing I know for sure: Quentin is going to hell!

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    Agreed!! This is the dumbest movie ever! And I have seen some real dumb ones! Thinking about it after sitting through it physically makes me sick! Like a dumb ass I kept waiting for some sort of substance. The supposed Bruce Lee scene, WHY??? So stupid! Everyone who participated in this movie should apologize to Bruce Lee’s family! If ANYONE wins an award for this movie it is predetermined because of their name. So many other great films this year that had REAL stories….. oh god awful!!! Hollywood is a joke.

    Turned one of the more traumatic events of 20th century into a silly conquering hero daydream. Did not like it.

    I bought this movie online because I didn’t want to have to wait for it to become available to rent because surely it’s a good movie. I have not finished watching and will not finish watching this piece of crap. Every second I watch this is a waste of time.

    Honestly, and I hate to say this because Quenton has delivered such oscar worthy gems for forever. This movie was terrible. Brad Pitt was very likeable. I’ve watched it once, thought it sucked. Maybe I saw it the wrong way, tried to watch it again, can’t get past the first 15 minutes. This movie is horrible.

    This is truly a bad movie, don’t know how it got awards. I need to watch Django to heal myself……


    Yep, just horrible. The pacing was off. Some of the acting–particularly the hippies–was unbelievably bad. I paid $18.50 to see this because it was up for Best Picture. Really???

    I also had to stop it 1 hour in. So terribly boring. QT has gone downhill big time. I watched a Charles Manson interview on YouTube and was much more entertained.

    HORRIBLE movie. But this review has it right…it’s not the movie that ticks me off so much as the people who like it. WHY DO YOU LIKE GARBAGE?

      Make that “pointless garbage,” because that was 2-1/2 hours of NOTHING.

    I think the title Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was the symbolism.
    It has one of the best directors, and cast ever, so us sheep that expect greatness HAVE to see it, and HAVE to love it, because it was made in Hollywood. They could have filmed each character taking a dump followed by a hard nap for 45 minutes gave it the same title and forced us to have to love it, because, “Hey, these are the best and brightest of Hollywood”!!
    Such a waste of time, talent, and money, and like everyone else I watched it cause “you gotta”. #nomore

    Agree, a real stinker.

    Just tried to watch this and gave up before the end. If I wanted to watch crappy sixties western TV series I would do so and not watch long parts of this film where Dicaprio is supposed to be guest starring in one! Also, did anyone else notice that those scenes are shot as a mist-mash of the scenes as they would have been viewed on TV and the scenes being shot on the set (ie when DiCaprio is meant to forget his lines). No doubt because it is Tarantino someone somewhere will be saying that it’s intended and terribly clever and meaningful. I was told that period films cost up to 10 times as much as contemporary ones and the period trial in this one is so lavish you and probably make it more than that.

    Finally – how meaningless, boring and stupid were Margo Robbie’s scenes. Watching her watching herself at the cinema in crappy 60’s films (see above comment in spades!).


    Worst crock of shot I’ve ever seen.

    Silver lining to this was reading this 100% spot on and honest review of this heaping pile of garbage.

    Margot Robbie is the worst actress I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand the hype all she gets from Hollywood, I think Hollywood just like to pat itself on the back, by claiming the fact that she’s apparently the “hottest” woman to ever walk on the red carpet. Okay, so other celebs who look better than her might have just vanished from the surface of earth. It’s just bullshit! I don’t think any real person finds her attractive, I definitely don’t, and I assume this might be the same case with any other sane person. Her gigantic smile takes 70% of the screen, which just annoys me, and I can’t stand the way she talks like a “bad girl”, everything she does seems so forced. And yeah,her acting skills sucks too. Everyone were like, “zomgf her acteeng was so gud in I Tonya, her ice-skating was so cuul”! C’mon, just shut up! I think her worst performance was in that movie only, after her cringey wannabe “blonde sexy model” (*barf*) role in sex trafficking, drug abuse promoting movie “dogs of ball street”. Her every move looked so forced and over exaggerated in I Tonya, the way she clenches her teeth every time she spins around and showing her ass across the entire screen, the way she talks to other characters, it didn’t even look natural! How on earth did she get an Oscar nomination for her awful acting, this sums up the whole movie industry, they’re left with no innovative ideas and they just keep producing shit biographical movies and keep on “remaking” movies which were already made decades ago, I don’t get this “remaking” trend which began since Hollywood has lost their ability to come up with something new, the only difference between the old movie and the new version is just the screen quality and different actors, nothing else. This isn’t art! This is just desperately trying to maintain everyone’s attention so that they wouldn’t lose their relevance and, of course, to make money. And Once Upon a time in Pedowood is a recent example of this trend, which explains it’s trashiness. Honestly, I haven’t liked any of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, I found his movies very dumb and they just drags along the audience to with nothing special happening in the end. I wonder how people got swooned over by his movies, this mystery is as same as Maggot Whorbie’s Oscar nomination.

    Tarrentino is a cock. A lot of this was an attempt by him to have a dig at his critics whilst he seemingly nonchalantly carries on doing what he does. Make violent films. Being dropped into old TV westerns seemed to me the least painful. The whole of the movie industry sold us a lemon and came back for the pips. WANKERS

    The worst movie since Ishtar. I always see new Tarrantino movies in the theater ever since Pulp Fiction. I got o OATIH and there were maybe 2 other people there. I was ready to walk out but texted my sister (who gushed over it) how afwul and borin git was and she was like it gets better stay for the the whole thing. I called her when it was over and thanked her for making me waste hours of my time on a shitfest lol

    I liked it !!!

    Thank you thank you! I totally agree. Worst movie ever. Did anyone get the weird pedo undertones? Teen girls frolicking around, the uncomfortable car scene (with the director’s foot fetish, we get it), and the disturbing scene with Leo and the little girl, she’s in his lap and so close to him. I got this weird and gross feeling watching this.
    Quentin also thinks there is nothing wrong with drugging and raping 13 year old girls. Yes you read that sentence correctly. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please listen to the full radio interview. Google it. (Clue: Roman Polanski)

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