The Raw after WrestleMania or a major pay-per-views always brings out the biggest shockers. Whether it’s a returning superstar or a NXT superstar making their debut, you never know what to expect!

This was definitely the case last night on Monday Night Raw! Natalya came out to the ring injured from her Submission match with Becky Lynch at SummerSlam. She reflected on her match and vowed that she was going to take another shot at the champ in the future. Just as Natalya began to reminisce about her father, music hit that fans have been waiting to hear for months. Everyone looked towards the stage as a favorite purple-haired superstar made her return. Sasha Banks was back!

The crowd erupted for the fan favorite who had been M.I.A. since Wrestlemania. The Boss danced and strutted her way to the ring while taking the moment in. What happened next turned out to be the biggest shock of all!

As Banks entered the ring, she hugged Natalya and gave her words of encouragement. Just as it appeared that Sasha was going for a mic, she turned around and began to attack Natalya. It was clear that the boss came back with a vengeance. The attack continued in and out of the ring while the crowd cheered her on. The situation became so grave that Becky Lynch herself came down to interfere. The brawl was on!

Sasha and The Man went at each other until Banks got the upper hand. The chair that Sasha originally got out to hit Natalya with was used to keep Becky down. After several minutes, WWE referees ran down to the ring pleading with Banks to stop her heinous attack. The Boss halted her efforts and started her strut out of the arena. Before making her exit, she glanced back and smirked at the damage she caused!

So, now that she’s back, what are Sasha’s intentions? Will she go after Becky and the title? We’ll all have to stay tuned to see what come next! 

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