I’m an old school fan who when I was younger lived by the wrestling magazine. There were no talk shows or podcasts like we have today. September 27, 2019 will always be special to me because it’s the day Busted Open (the best wrestling show ever) was given a six day schedule on Sirius XM.

If you are a hardcore wrestling fan you have programmed 156 on Sirius XM in your car. Busted Open is a must listen for fans across the world. The hosts insight, the guests, the callers and everyone working behind the scenes, make this must listen television. My profession is teaching, but I’ll always consider myself a student because I love learning. I have learned so much about the business because of this show. I thought I knew wrestling history, well I have learned so much about the behind the scenes aspect of the buisness.

Busted Open Sirius XM

Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray are absolute gold together. They do on radio what Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan did on television. Their chemistry is contagious, done believe me tune in when LaGreca is giving his power rankings. We should be paying Bully Ray extra for his insight and opinions. His ideas on what he would do if he was in charge are spot on.

You can’t talk about Busted Open without mentioning Mark Henry, Tommy Dreamer, Alex and Gaby. The way the whole crew feeds off one another is flawless. I was a big fan of Mark, Tommy and Bully and listening to them is a awesome as some of the great music they play during the show. Mark and Dave through innuendos and pierogi (just listen to the show) references that will make you laugh to you cry. Bully’s insults to Tommy are harsh but what brothers don’t throw the occasional insult out.

This article is not a Busted Open review, it is a tribute to the best show on Sirius XM getting six days of air play during what could be the most competitive time in wrestling in many years.

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