In recent weeks I wrote an article about buried talent in the WWE. It’s a matter that they don’t seem to understand. This article is about to be another buried talent piece . In this case it’s called “Not What It Should Be.”

Not What It Should Be

Why is it so hard to use your great talent? Part timers that like to show up when ever they want, gets annoying. You have people such as Heath Slater, Mojo Rawley, and so many others not even getting television time. Heck, when was the last time you saw Apollo Crews actually get a run even with a title like the United States or Intercontinental. He honestly would be a great for that. AOP have been cutting backstage promos to prepare for the draft, but no in ring action.

My biggest concern is The Ascension. Does Konnor and Viktor even exist anymore? They use to dominate the NXT Tag Team division, they move to the main roster, and boom they fizzle out. How about Shelton Benjamin? He has matches sometimes, but half the time he’s backstage staring into space. What’s that all about?

Let’s Fade to Black. How about Aleister Black? Begging each week if any, for somebody to pick a fight with him. One of the greatest wrestlers, and he’s slowly getting buried like everyone else.

And then there is The Miz. Somebody who deserves way better then what he is receiving. Among other male superstars not mentioned, I’m hoping one day they can come up from this hole they are buried in.

The King of the Ring tournament should of been handled a little better then it was. People who didn’t really deserve to be part of it, were; and then others who should of been part of it wasn’t. Do we even agree that Baron Corbin deserves to be King Corbin? Nah at least I don’t think so. It seems like once talent hits the quick sand pit, they never climb back out.

The highflying talented Cedric Alexander deserves to be United States Champion right now..

Not What It Should Be: Women’s Division

How about the Women’s Division? Dana Brooke for example. When was the last time we saw her win a match? Brooke has had one title opportunity and fell short. Natalya? The first and only female to enter the “Hart Dynasty”, and she seems to have fallen in the dark hole as well. She does have some television time, but not what she deserves.

Sonya Deville in so many cases needs to break away from Mandy Rose. Deville would and can succeed as a single competitor. We would love to see what she can do on her own. Here’s the question.. If Fire and Desire broke up, would Deville get buried? It’s very sad to see the wrestlers we love to watch, not really get what they deserve. So many women wrestlers are in the quick sand pit, just like the men. Once you fall in, you aren’t climbing back out. After many months of helping R-Truth, Carmella became 24/7 Champion. Well deserved for her to be part of the title picture again.

Conclusion: Writer’s Take 2.0

I will state the clear facts, that WWE needs to hear. Use all your talent. Has it ever occurred it could maybe boost your ratings, if you used everyone some how? Instead of trying to break records, of past superstars by having somebody hold the title for years at time; how about this? Let’s say Randy Orton held the WWE Championship for 90 days, that’s three months. After those three months let somebody else have chance at the title. Start a new trend or cycle just to see where it goes. The minds of the creative team just don’t have what it takes.

Well readers until next time when the pro wrestling department head at @BellyUpSports speaks her mind.

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