Check out the updated 2021 NHL Twitter hashtags here!

A fresh NHL season is upon us, which also means fresh hashtag. Well… for some. A majority of teams are keeping their same hashtags from last season, but there are a handful that are switching it up. Either way, we want to make sure you’re able to get that pretty little logo on the end of your hashtag, so below is the complete list of the 2020 NHL twitter hashtags. Happy tweeting!

Atlantic Division

The Atlantic Division is returning most hashtags from last season. Only the Sabres have tweaked their tagline just a bit. See below!

2020 NHL Twitter Hashtags

Metro Division

Moving to the Metro division, the Hurricanes have moved away from their #TakeWarning that was used last season. The Rangers have also lengthened their slogan a bit, as well as Philly trying to get a little more menacing behind the keyboard. Take a peak!

2020 NHL Twitter Hashtags

Central Division

No changes from last year here. Except the rosters, of course. Refresher below!

2020 NHL Twitter Hashtags

Pacific Division

No more #OurPack in Arizona. Other than that, the Pacific division stays constant as they brace for the inevitable Seattle hashtag. Here they are!

2020 NHL Twitter Hashtags

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