The 2019 college football season is coming to a close, and that means bowl season will soon begin.

As a visitor to, you’re invited to participate in The Blackout’s ESPN Bowl Mania Pick’em group.

Thomas Black, the host of The Blackout podcast on the Belly Up Sports Podcast Network, is offering you the chance to display your knowledge of college football by competing against himself, his new co-host Alan Denton, other college football fans, and some of the media members that are featured as guests on his weekly show.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to compete for a FREE t-shirt out of the Belly Up Sports Shop. First, register. Then, rack up a bunch of points after making confidence picks for the 2019 bowl games.

To take part in the competition, use this Google Form to submit your name, phone number, and email address. Once registered, you will receive the invite to the group when it goes live. Your contact information will only be used for communication about prizes.

Thomas and Alan will soon release a Bowl Pick’em Preview episode. This episode will contain CFP picks, their highest-rated confidence picks, and other tips for anyone competing in the challenge. Thomas and Alan are avid college football fans that know the game well. This season, through 12 weeks of ESPN’s College Football Pick’em, these guys have shown they can compete with anyone in these competitions. TB has accumulated 527 points, ranking in the 95th percentile worldwide. AD has racked up an incredible 532 points (96th percentile).

For the latest episodes of The Blackout, including Bowl Pick’em tips and interviews with insight into some of the best bowl games to come, click here. Also, be sure to follow the guys on Twitter and like The Blackout on Facebook for extra helpful hints as bowl season rolls along:



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