With tomorrow being the day of Thanksgiving. We all know obviously the 2019 season is over and champions have been crowned. In celebration of thanks and the perfect day of spending time with family and friends while most likely overeating. Let’s go over family roles with some drivers from the 2019 season as members of the huge NASCAR family. Its time to go over the NASCAR family Thanksgiving.

NASCAR Family Thanksgiving


NASCAR Family Thanksgiving Grandpa

You could really go with a strict cup series regulars list if you wanted too and make these assumptions. Really though who fits the mold of a NASCAR family grandpa more than good old reliable Morgan Shephard. He has been around the sport since 1970 in some sort of fashion. Now he may not be racing as much, but still owns the #89 in the Xfinity Series. None the less he is the guy who all the younger family members will gather around after eating and listen to all of the super cool stories he has to tell. He may also give you a few lectures though to so watch out.


NASCAR Family Thanksgiving Dad

The seven-time champion just recently announced the 2020 season will be his final full-time season. What a career it has been for Jimmie Johnson. Currently, in the cup series, there are really only maybe or two more drivers who could play this role in the family. The other being Martin Truex. None the less both of these guys have had awesome careers and are champions. They are not quite the grandpa’s of the family, but they can still teach you one thing or another about life and the sport like a NASCAR family dad. Along with being that reliable call, you make when your vehicle breaks down to come and pick you up. Jimmie is the elder statesman of the HMS gang and is much like a father figure in all kinds of sense for those young drivers.

Reliable Uncles

NASCAR Family Thanksgiving Uncles

Every family has those members who are the reliable ones on holiday’s. You can always count on them to come through in the clutch with a honey glazed ham to go with the turkey. Or maybe even multiple deserts to go with all the countless other good foods. Maybe it’s Christmas and they bring the cool present you wanted. Two drivers come to mind of being those reliable NASCAR family members Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch. They are both past champions, still competing week in and week out on the track. You know what to expect from them as drivers and people. They are the guys who on Thanksgiving day who will show up and get your help getting a ton of food out of their vehicles or a ton of presents on Christmas.

Crazy Fun Uncle

Clint Bowyer

The somewhat crazy but oh so fun member of our family. Could you really pick a better driver than Clint Bowyer? His fellow cup drivers have all said multiple times when it comes to partying and having a good time Clint hasn’t slowed down. He is still the guy who pulls out the small liquor bottle from his pocket to dump into his drink. Or he is the one who just spikes the punch so everyone has a good time. Clint fits the mold for this title, on or off the track. His radio traffic with teams is hilarious most weekends, but if things get serious he isn’t afraid to throw a punch. Clint Bowyer is the uncle that everyone wants to see pull up to have a good time.

Arrogant Family Member

Joey Logano

Do you go to a family get together and just really try to avoid a certain few family members? Those ones you know who are just going to be a “jackass” to you due to how you live your life or raise your kids. Maybe even they’ll brag about their new job making all kinds of money. Either way, while I know these guys are awesome off the track people with charities and foundation work this is based solely off of there on track personas. Kyle Busch and Joey Logano both are just arrogant and cocky drivers. They seem to always think they are the best thing since Dale Earnhardt to strap into a race car and expect people to race them like accordingly. These two are the ones who can’t even sit with each other at the dinner table because their personalities are too similar. Avoid them like the plague and avoid any conflict with them otherwise, you get a spot on their “list.”

Impassable NASCAR Family Member

Ryan Newman

You are the one who arrives a little late to dinner this year, due to whatever reason. You jump out of your vehicle and run into the house and see the line beginning to form. You think oh ill jump in and get my plate even though I’m running late well you run into the member who harasses the ever-loving crap out of you for being late. He denies that you are in no way shape or form going to jump line. Ryan Newman the impassable driver. This man doesn’t care if your running for a win or for a championship if he doesn’t want you to pass then “You shall not pass!” You aren’t jumping Ryan in the food line, and you are not getting by without some harassment.

Favorite NASCAR Family Members

Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney

We all go to family dinner’s or parties looking for our “click” those family members who might be the same age as you or have similar interests. They are the members you seek out when walking into the house. These guys are the fan favorites, Elliott, Blaney, Larson, and you could keep going down the list. Chase and Ryan though are probably the most relatable. These guys are similar to you in age and they have similar tastes in music or hobbies. These are the guys once the food is dished out, you congregate to a table, couch or room to eat together and shoot the bull.


Happy Thanksgiving

Every single family across the world, that acknowledges Thanksgiving and get together as a group. You will always have different personalities, one thing you all have in common though is your family. Much like that, we as NASCAR fans are a family within the sport. We all pull for different driver’s but we all love the sport and can come together to enjoy one thing.

As this year winds down, we here at Belly Up are looking to become something any sports lover can follow. We want to be what everyone else is not, we want to bring you the best sports media coverage we can possibly bring to you! So stay tuned and most of all from us here in the racing department and all of Belly Up Sports Happy Thanksgiving race fans!

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