Everyone in the NASCAR community is hopeful that the year 2021 will be a huge turn around for the sport in general. We are supposed to be getting a new car, the schedule is supposed to change, and it will be a sport dictated by younger drivers. Something tells me though that fans will somehow not be happy with the schedule no matter what NASCAR’s governing body decides. So, the easiest way to make things better is to let the fans make the schedule for 2021. So none the fewer let’s go over the fans 2021 NASCAR schedule!

2021 NASCAR Schedule Regular Season

Daytona 500Kansas
Las VegasMichigan: Talladega
Fontana: North WilkesboroSonoma
Phoenix: IowaChicago-land
AtlantaPocono: Darlington
Homestead: Five Flags SpeedwayPocono: Indianapolis
Texas: NashvilleIndianapolis: Homestead
RichmondNew Hampshire
DoverWatkins Glen
Martinsville(Night Race)Dover

We would be keeping everything the same all the way up to Fontana or ASM as some speak of the track. We would obviously be taking away that track and putting the historic North Wilkesboro back on the schedule. I mean the track and area are dying for the sport to come back. Also the outcry every time the track is mentioned is huge so fan attendance would be amazing. Next, we are going to take away Phoenix’s first race for the 2021 NASCAR schedule. They now have the championship race, they no longer need the second race.

Iowa is a given for a cup series race on the 2021 NASCAR schedule. The trucks and Xfinity series have been racing there for a little while now and the races have been fun to watch for the most part. Let’s next take a trip down to Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola instead of Homestead. I mean the Snowball Derby is a stock car crown jewel race so why not bring the cup series there for an awesome show? The short track atmosphere would please all those eager NASCAR complainers I mean fans.

The next change may upset my good friend and our resident NASCAR pod-caster Chairgatin. We are going to take the first race in his home state Texas away and send the series to “Nashvegas” or Nashville. Some big names in the sport like Dale Earnhardt Jr. have been calling for a return to the city as well as a bunch of fans. The next thing would be to take away the first Michigan race and give Talladega an unprecedented third race.

Another super speedway wreck fest, goodness I mean race would appease the fans who consistently complain about the “boring fuel-mileage” race in Michigan. The next change is one personally I am all for taking advantage of myself. We take the first Pocono race off and give the famous Darlington a second race. The beautiful wore out track in South Carolina would provide a much better product than Pocono. The second race we replace with Indianapolis, and put the fourth of July weekend back in Florida more specifically Homestead.

After going back to Florida for the weekend of the fourth it is time to return to your normally scheduled NASCAR races. Realistically we can’t take away both races from the “Motor-City” I mean its the home of most of the major automobiles. So they really need at least one race in Michigan. New Hampshire produced a good product last year, and so did Kentucky with the battle of the Busch brothers for win. As for Dover and Daytona to end the regular season it really couldn’t get any better the “Monster Mile” and “The World Center of Racing” are perfect tracks to shoot us into the playoffs. Which will also be seeing multiple changes.


DarlingtonCharlotte “Roval”
RichmondKansas: Nashville
Las Vegas: Watkins GlenMartinsville

The regular season ends at Daytona and the playoffs begin in the past. With a throw back weekend at Darlington for the Southern 500. Then we are going to take a run of short tracks before heading back to Watkins Glen second race of the season to appease all of those road course fans. Then your next change will be to send the sport back to Tennessee.

Nashville, like I’ve mentioned above, is an area and track dying to host the sport again for the 2021 NASCAR schedule. So I mean why not give them a prime time playoff race for their second race of the season. After that, the schedule will mostly remain the same. Texas will get the playoff race even though arguments could be made to swap this one for the regular season race due to scheduling conflicts. Then we close out at the “paper-clip” and back to the desert to crown a champion.


So you seen the huge changes coming in 2021. We are barring Pocono from the schedule completely. Also giving Darlington and Watkins Glen a second race, Talladega a third, adding Nashville and Five Flags to the 2021 schedule. That should appease most of those old school NASCAR fans, in bringing back short tracks and taking away the “cookie cutter” mile and half tracks. It should be an amazing season. With the addition of the new car to the mix it could very well be the best season to date.

Alright, listen if you are still reading this far in congratulations to you and its very much appreciated. Lets just be real though, Iowa and maybe the addition of a second Watkins Glen race are the only realistic changes that could even begin to happen to the cup series. We aren’t going to get a third race at Talladega or a second at Darlington. While it might be awesome it will never happen. Money plays to big of a factor. Also if you really think North Wilkesboro could host a race in that short of time you are delusional.

All the other tracks listed would at the very minimum need to be brought up to the safety codes of NASCAR and that takes time. You have to add safer barriers, more lights for TV broadcast, and so much more. That stuff is just bare minimum on what would need to be done we aren’t counting grand stands, concessions, parking and restrooms. None the less the above mentioned schedule would do nothing but appease the masses of fans. Who continuously gripe and complain about the sport. 2021 is going to be awesome, you may not see the crazy schedule changes, but there is bound to be some mass change coming so stay tuned because I know I for sure will be around.

What do you think about the 2021 NASCAR schedule? I mean leave a comment below, maybe even hit us up in the forum, or find me on Twitter and let’s talk! I’m always down for a good NASCAR conversation but until then stay caught up on all your sports needs right here at Belly Up!

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    Gateway added-replacing Michigan(June)
    Chicagoland gaining a second race from Richmond.
    Iowa replacing the spring Dover Race.

      Junior I sadly know the fans will not create a schedule, but it is some what fun to think about right? Honestly though I like some of your substitutions. They would for sure spice up the schedule and maybe even bring back the element of excitement back too see some new racing product.

    Watkins Glen doesn’t need two Race dates
    Five Flags isn’t big enough for the Cup Series cars
    North Wilkesboro is long gone from the Cup Series and NASCAR in particular
    Nashville is in-line to replace the spring Bristol Race
    Pocono is NOT going away, with Xfinity being one of the presenting sponsors of the Cup Series. Xfinity is based near Pocono.
    WWT Raceway added to the schedule in place of Michigans spring race
    Chicagoland Speedway receives a second race, similar to its sister track Kansas Speedway
    Iowa Speedway replaces Dover’s May race.
    Homestead stays in March
    Auto Club and Phoenix stay after the spring Las Vegas Race as part of the “NASCAR Goes West” Tour

    NASCAR is going to dictate where the Cup Series goes, not the fans. Hate to be a Debby downer.

    I thought of Watkins Glen getting a second race date back in October of 2019. The fan base said no, just no to that idea. One race at WGI is enough. It is already a sellout crowd for the race. If you add a second race at WGI, it may hinder that in the future. NASCAR is looking at new venues that currently don’t have a Cup Race. While in 2021, there will only be three, down in the future, you’ll likely see Street Courses, more road courses such as Mid Ohio and Road America. 2021 will see only 3 new tracks: Nashville, Gateway(WWT) and Iowa.

    Looks like NASCAR is gonna add a mixture of new tracks in 2021(Gateway, Eldora, Iowa, Nashville and Canadian Tire being mentioned the most)
    Canadian Tire is likely to replace the fall LVMS Race
    Nashville obviously is replacing the spring Bristol Race
    Gateway replacing Texas spring or Michigan spring
    Iowa replacing Dover’s spring race

    Watkins Glen and Dover in October/November is a disaster waiting to happen. NASCAR fans want beer drinking weather, not hot chocolate. If I had it my way Charlotte would change to a doubleheader with the roval followed the next weekend by the 600. All star weekend can slot into July 4th weekend. Roval playoff spot can go to COTA.

      Those actually are interesting thoughts, and I wouldn’t complain honestly. I have liked the addition of the Roval race so too see the 600 and it back to back would be pretty cool in a way.

      That might actually happen. There’s been rumors of the AllStar Race being raced on the ROVAL the weekend BEFORE the CocaCola 600

      However COTA isn’t. The track isn’t suited for NASCAR. Same with the street course idea.
      The owners of Texas Motor Speedway will NOT allow a NASCAR race at Circuits of The America’s and that’s just sad.

    Why not finish up in Daytona where it all starts and started?

      I like the way you think Charlie!

    Is there anyone else who believes that Las Vegas should not be held in February! It was in March years ago and ever since its been cold with chances of rain the week before. Also us western fans who regularly attend that race are driving through mountain passes to get there. I go with the RV and last year was the worst drive ever. I chose to pass this year in Hope’s of changing to the fall race when Vegas weather feels like Vegas weather!

      I honestly think the move is due to the weather in Atlanta being the same way. While I may be a bit biased due to living in Georgia I can fully understand where you are coming from in a sense.

      🤔 Maybe a Vegas-Phoenix swap in 2021? Putting Las Vegas back in March(March 7)

    We will all see, give us the dates so we can make hotel reservations if we want to see any of these races because some of us work!

      Here are the believed to be schedule changes for 2021
      Sonoma Raceway moves to March 14, 2021
      Texas Motor Speedway moves to April 11, 2021
      Gateway May 2, 2021(new track)
      Iowa May 16, 2021(new track)
      Pocono Double Header June 5 & 6(swap with Michigan)
      Charlotte Roval-September 26
      Season ending on October 31st at Phoenix Raceway
      Michigan August 15
      Dover August 8
      Watkins Glen August 1
      Daytona August 21

        how about chicago ?

    No the fans in Phoenix look forward to the 2 races a year our stands are always full. And what about us season ticket holders?? We aren’t going to pay for only 1 race a year!!! Yes it is nice we have the Championship race here this year that is great however if you look at the fan base at Phoenix Raceway we are loyal. We need 2 races a year. I’m sorry those other tracks are struggling. If you take the 1st race away from Phoenix you will lose the fan base that is already established there!!! I will just stay home and watch on tv not going to pay for 1 race a year have been going to Phoenix raceway for 14 years always have had 2 Races!!! Not a happy fan right now!!!

    Gateway and Iowa will join the 2021 Cup Series schedule. No street courses, because the NextGen car is delayed until 2022. Dover and Michigan double headers, New Hampshire in May, Iowa replacing the spring Texas Race

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