I’m going to flat out say WWE you have lost your spunk! The 24/7 Championship has completely became all about R-Truth. A 30x champion? Seriously, what was the point of creating it? Was it to give people that don’t get a chance a chance? But how can you get a chance, when you are always giving it to R-Truth. I Can’t Believe it!

Mojo Rawley finally held the 24/7 championship for 2 seconds, and then R-Truth gets it back. (By the way Mojo still needs a shirt in the WWEShop) The 24/7 title use to be fun, and entertaining. Now it can go down in history as one of the lamest things ever along with the Lashley and Lana storyline. In reality if the 24/7 title was a real championship, WWE would not have somebody have the title for 30 times. Poor R-Truth is basically running around with his head cut off defending a title, but in reality doesn’t even know what title he is holding. Something honestly has to give in 2020. Keep the 24/7 title but change it up a bit! Get it away from R-Truth. Let others have it! Like Mojo Rawley(who still doesn’t have a shirt in the WWEShop)! I Can’t Believe it!

In hopes to 2020, I hope the WWE and creative team come up with some better ideas. The storylines are not so creative. Also it would be nice to see who is not used, get used. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins are so much better then getting their asses beat every week. They deserve a win, not just a squash match. There is so many people who deserve to be more then what the WWE puts them out there!

And WWE what the heck are you planning to do with Liv Morgan? Tell me that’s not what your planning to do with her. If it is, you have already ruined her before it got started. She is also very talented and deserves way more then; screaming at Lana saying she’s in love with her!! That’s a WTH moment, what was your thinking right there! Till next time when the pro wrestling department head at @BellyUp Sports speaks her mind.

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