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Seriously Moxie’s!? You denied NBA Champion Danny Green entry because he was wearing sneakers? What on earth were you thinking?!? Who the hell do you think you are? You’re not fine dining! You have zero Michelin Stars. No one is looking for you in the Zagat guide.

Yes, I realize that this was likely the decision of one manager at one Moxie’s location. But I don’t have that specific information so the entire Moxie’s organization is going to have to eat the BUSDA.

And let’s face it. It’s not like Danny Money Money Green is rolling up in some rank, tattered, bust up kicks. I mean, you have to assume that Danny Green’s sneaks are well taken care of and worth a pretty penny or two… or ten.

Danny Green was denied entry to a Moxie's Grill and Bar who's description of themselves on Google (pictured here) says they are casual dining.

What’s more, Moxie’s has branded itself as a casual dining option according to the blurb that comes up when you Google them. I dunno about you, but it doesn’t get much more casual than sneaks in my humble opinion.

Are there some bars in the world where a dress code is a reasonable expectation? Absolutely! Check out this picture of The Connaught Bar in London. That is the kind of place where showing up in sneakers would certainly be frowned upon, and rightly so.

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Moxie’s however, is not an establishment that falls under the category of “should have a dress code.” Any right Moxie’s had to tell someone they couldn’t come in because they were wearing sneakers died when they added ‘Grill’ to their name. And to say you’re a grill and bar instead of bar and grill…!? People grill in their backyards… in flip flops! Get outta here with a no kicks “policy”.

What’s more, Moxie’s own FAQ page says that they don’t actually have a dress code.

Not Really About Danny Green or His Sneakers

So, what really happened here? Easy. Danny Green and the Lakers went into Houston (I’m assuming it is Houston based on the timing of Green’s tweet) and handed the Rockets a 124-115 loss. I feel like the only people who are not at peace with the idea that Houston is not a viable NBA Finals contender are Houston fans.

Guys, it’s time to accept the fact that the Lakers are a team that the Rockets should lose to, no question. And I’m saying that as an adamant non-Lakers fan. I mean, I watched that game, kinda. I’m not into either team and so, mostly I focused on my knitting. Yes, I said knitting. I’m an old lady trapped in the body of an almost 35-year-old basketball lover. But I digress.

If I was a server at that Moxie’s I would quit IMMEDIATELY. For some manager, (I assume it had to have been a manager who made the call) to be willing to mess with what would very likely have been the biggest tip I ever had or ever will earn in my life!? As a long-time former server, that is not a place where I want to work. And we haven’t even mentioned the fact that some server would have been denied the opportunity to meet Danny Green.

The fact of the matter is, this was a dumb move by whoever in the Moxie’s organization made this call and a Belly Up Sports Dunce Award must be bestowed.

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