The most expected date among Football fans is almost here!!! The Super Bowl LIV will be played this Sunday, at 6:30 PM and like every season, it is a day of mixed emotions. On the one side, there is a joy since we will enjoy the Big Game. But on the other part, there is sadness because, after the Game, there will be no NFL for 6 months! Here is my Super Bowl LIV Pac ATS picks props and odds.


This Super Bowl will be full of contrasts, a contrast in the style of play and contrast in the strengths and weaknesses of each team, let’s review it:

Super Bowl LIV ATS

The Kansas City Chiefs have reached the big stage playing a very powerful and vertical Offence, and although by the numbers, they were not the best offense during the regular season. Now, that Mahomes, Hill, Watkins, Williams, and Kelce are 100%, they are…the Chiefs that are under the tutelage of HC Andy Reid who is an Offensive Guru and one of the most respected strategists in the league. They are so explosive that they are able to score in just a couple of plays, starting deep in their own territory. The defense, on the other hand, it the weakest unit, they allow too many yards. But generates a lot of turnovers. They have a +8 turnover ratio, so they are a very difficult opponent to beat …

Super Bowl LIV ATS

San Francisco 49ers have reached this game playing a very powerful and aggressive Defence. Their HC, Kyle Shanahan its an Offensive mastermind of the new generation, with schemes and ideas that have revolutionized the NFL. But although the offense is Shanahan’s strength the Defence it’s the stronger unit and the main reason why the 49ers are in the Super Bowl. Its a very athletic, fast and disciplined group that it’s going to go after the QBs all game long not giving them a single play where the QB can make a comfortable throw. Also, they allow very few yards on the ground and play very well in the Red Zone, so they also are a rival very hard to beat but in a totally different way than the Chiefs.

Let’s go to our Super Bowl LIV Pick, but first, we are going to review the results of the last five Super Bowls and how I went in my pick for each one of them.

Super Bowl 49 

New England Patriots 28 / Seattle Seahawks 24

* Pick Successful

Super Bowl 50 

Denver Broncos 24 / Carolina Panthers 10

* Pick Successful

Super Bowl 51 

New England Patriots 34 / Atlanta Falcons 28

* Pick Successful

Super Bowl 52 

Philadelphia Eagles 41 / New England Patriots 33

* Pick Failed

Super Bowl 53 

New England Patriots 13 / LA Rams 10

* Pick Successful

Pick of the Year – Super Bowl LIV: 49ers Money Line

San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs: I’ll be brief in my comment. I think the old saying that defenses win championships will come true once again this Sunday. It won’t be easy to stop Mahomes and company. But I think the 49ers will win the match because of their great defense, why Money Line, because the Chiefs are the favorites in this game and San Francisco the Underdog, so without the +1.5 Spread, betting the 49ers pays us a little bit more.

Additional Pick – Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs Chiefs Under 54

San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs: One more Pick for this match. I think the Overs and Unders Spread is very high, 54 points with the 49ers defense playing makes no sense to me, even with Mahomes on the other side, so I lean towards the Unders. I think the match it’s going to finish with a score near 27-24. It’s going to be Unders by only a few points, but finally Unders.

Super Bowl LIV Props and Odds

Now, having already given my Pick for the winner of the Match and an additional one. I would like to give you extra Picks just for fun. These Picks are known in the betting world as, “Props and Odds” or “Special Propositions” They are nothing more than Picks of everything that can happen in the Super Bowl, from how many yards will rush certain players, to with which song the Half time show began. Here they are my favorite Propositions:

How many sacks there will be in the Super Bowl: More than 5.5

* Both teams have a very solid defensive line and that attacks the QB a lot. I think between the two, it is very likely that they reach 6 sacks during the game.

In which half of the super bowl will score more points: Second half, including over time.

* In 22 of the last 33 Super Bowls have scored more points in the second half !!

What color of  Gatorade will be poured on the winning team’s Coach: Purple

* This is a Pick that depends solely on luck and if it only depends on that. We will go for the option that pays the most money, and purple pays +1200.

RB Raheem Mostert Pass Yards: More than 10.5 / RB Raheem Mostert Receptions: More than 1.5

* I think that these yards and receptions are very low for the team’s Staring RB. I think Shanahan will use him at least in a couple of screen passes and that is enough for us to win this pair of bets.

The first score will be ?: Field Goal

* Usually no team is going to risk much in their first offense, so we believe that the FG is the most likely option.

Time in which the first Field Goal will be scored: Score in the first 16 minutes

* This Pick is a consequence of the previous one. And if I think the first score will be Field Goal, it is most likely to happen during the 1st. Quarter.

First song by J.Lo at Half Time Show: Love Don’t Cost a Thing

* I think it’s an emblematic song by J.Lo and also pays very well +1100.

That’s all for today. Enjoy your family a lot and enjoy the Super Bowl, win or lose in the bets the most important thing is to enjoy the game and have a lot of fun with our loved ones … With this article, I say goodbye for this season. But I’ll be back a couple of weeks before the NFL Draft with my NFL Mock Draft 2020… Thank you so much for joining us !!!

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