Anyone who has ever played ball knows that earning a nickname represents the ultimate clout. From the playground to the pros, in basketball, a nickname means you’ve arrived. What’s in a Name will explore, evaluate and enjoy the nicknames of some of the best and some of the best nicknames.

We’re going to start our series talking about the nicknames of Stephen Curry.

Actually, let me back up a little bit and explain why we’re starting here. One of my fellow Hoops writers recently wrote an article in which he referred to Curry as Chef Curry throughout. This creative choice created quite a conversation in one of the Facebook groups where the article was shared. You can see the conversation in the slideshow below if you’re so inclined. The point is, the Hoops team here at Belly up would like to thank Rhonda. Without you, What’s in a Name may never have come to be.

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Chef Curry

Steph Curry has a few nicknames, all of which are pretty wildly appropriate. But we’re going to start with the one that led to the creation of this series, Chef Curry. This nickname plays quite a few ways when you get thinking about it. There are just so many ways that Chef Curry can cook a defender.

There are the makin’ ’em touch earth handles and crossovers:


Then you’ve got the all in your eye from anywhere on the court shooting:


And let’s not forget, he’s got the clutch gene:


Steph Curry has a few other well-known nicknames. But first, can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Steph Curry’s actual first name is Wardell? I mean, I get that he’s named after is Pop, Dell Curry, I do. But I’ve also always been of the opinion that not all family names should be carried forward.

Okay, back to Curry’s other nicknames. Vote for your favourite in the poll below.

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