This Saturday, February 22, inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the biggest rematches in the history of the sport of boxing will commence as two of the fight games best go toe to toe once again. “The Bronze Bomber” Deontay Wilder and “The Gypsy King” Tyson Fury will do battle for the second time, in their biggest rematch, in hopes that a true champion will be crowned in the heavyweight division.

The two men’s first bout brought controversy as the result was a split decision draw, back in December 2018. It seemed as though Tyson Fury had won the fight handily, landing more and more importantly not being touched as much in more than a majority of the rounds. He landed 15% more of his punches than Wilder while throwing almost 100 fewer punches.

Although Wilder nearly put Fury to sleep in the 12th round, it seemed that Tyson had done more than enough to get his hand raised on the night. This, of course, was foolish to think as when you leave something in the hands of boxing judges, something screwy is bound to happen.

(in Blk trunks) Deontay Wilder goes 12 rounds with Tyson Fury at the Staple Center Saturday. The fight was a split decision to a draw between both fighters from the judges scoring. Los Angeles, CA. Dec 1,2018 Photo by Gene Blevins/Contributing photographer

After one judge scored the fight handily for Wilder, one for Fury. The final judge scored it right down the middle 113-113. Leaving the crowd and millions of fans with one thing in mind. When is the rematch gonna happen?

Boxings biggest rematch

Both men took different routes to get back to their biggest rematch. Wilder made his presence known loud and clear, as he knocked out Dominic Breazeale in May of 2019. Later that year, he stopped Luis Ortiz for the second time in November. In both bouts, all he needed was one bombing right hand to stifle the opponent and get his hand raised.

Tyson Fury, not particularly known for his fight-stopping power, didn’t make it too easy for himself in his bouts between the two Wilder fights. He ran through Tom Schwartz, an opponent who clearly was a tune-up fight for the Gypsy King. But found himself in a real dog fight against Otto Wallin back in September of last year.

Wallin cut Fury early on in their bout. Fury had to push himself and fight a clean last six rounds to get his hand raised on the night. Fury also dabbled in the professional wrestling world, making an appearance for WWE, a place where he fit very well.

Thus bringing us here. The two will duke it out Saturday night, with the winner hopefully setting up an even bigger fight with champion Anthony Joshua, in an attempt to unify all of the heavyweight belts. This may not happen, as there is a rematch clause open for the loser, which would then lead to a trilogy fight between Wilder and Fury, which no one would really be opposed to.

The fight is sure to bring nothing but fireworks. It will be a spectacle for the millions around who will be watching. It is boxings biggest rematch to date.

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