Are you an incredible athlete who has the opportunity to earn a shit ton of money off endorsements? Ever think to yourself, “Why make all that money from Nike, Adidas or Under Armour? You know what’d be great? If I can own a piece of a company that was given an F from the better business bureau.” Well, wait no more. The opportunity you crave is alive courtesy of genius businessman Lavar Ball and Big Baller Brand.

I can’t wait for the James Wisemen and Anthony Edwards of the world to walk past the Big Baller Brand stand and get actual money from real businesses. Then, Lavar Ball has to go approach the 16th man on Houston Baptist and see if he wants to get into the ownership game all while hearing that Lavar is going to be getting some real-deal players to join him. That’s going to be swell.

Lavar is probably going to have to turn away some mega talents due to everyone looking to get a piece of that Big Baller Brand merch. Last time we saw some BBB swag getting pushed, business was booming.

Now, the fact that Lavar Ball’s meal ticket son Lonzo Ball has decided to go in a different direction, (which is to say that Lonzo doesn’t speak too much to his father probably due to having $1.5M stolen from his dad’s friend) might deter some from accepting Lavar’s words as gospel. But, if I know Lavar like I think I do, this business venture can’t miss. Athletes far and wide are going to lining up to wear $500 shoes that are made of used tissue paper. I mean who doesn’t think a guy who says this on national TV will screw something up? The answer is nobody. Nobody will ever think this.

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