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March 16th, 2020

Everyone at Belly Up and Wingman Sports is proud and excited to announce that we have partnered up to provide sports fans around the globe with the latest news and anything you could possibly want that is related to sports. We are not here to talk about politics and debate on subjects going on in the world. Instead, we are here to share our real and unrehearsed opinions on the biggest stories in today’s sports, share news, enjoy wings and sports and, most important of all, have fun!

Belly Up and Wingman Sports have similar goals and the two brands complement each other in what they already put on the table individually, helping to fill in the missing links each company needs to be successful in the future. Mike Brown, co-founder of Belly Up Sports says,  “It just made sense to combine the two”. 

Brian Sykes, the new owner of Wingman Sports, reached out to Belly Up Sports just to let them know they are not in competition and are here to have fun in doing what we all love and that’s where the partnership began. “It was an obvious move that will benefit both companies,” Sykes said. 

Wingman Sports is growing at a faster rate than Sykes could have ever imagined as people are loving the “One Wing!, One Shot! Wing Reviews”; hence the company name. Both are heavily involved in the ERSCA iRacing league. Blending the two will bring new followers and new ideas to both companies. Brian Sykes and Mike Brown agreed, they “don’t believe there is anything that can stop us from having a massive effect on the sports industry”.

Whether you’re a basketball, football, racing, baseball, or wrestling fan we’re the place for you! From fantasy sports, college sports, and eSports to NBA, MLB, NHL, WWE, NASCAR, and more we cover it all!

As said best by Belly Up Sports, “We are what they aren’t”. We are not ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS, Yahoo, or Barstool Sports nor do we want to be. We’re here to have fun and we hope you join us!

Leave behind the stress of everyday life and check out what we have to offer for sports fans everywhere!

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