Where Do We Go From Here?

For most of us, sports are an obsession. It’s a hobby. It’s a distraction. For me sports are life.  It is how I provide for my family and all of that has been taken away. Hi, I’m Scott Jordan and I am play by play announcer for Monster Jam. Wait, I need to rephrase that. Hi, I’m Scott Jordan and I used to be a play by play announcer for Monster Jam. We will be back, I’m just not sure when, but rest assured my face and voice will be back on the airwaves on NBCSN fueling your motorsports addiction in the near future.

So what are us “sports people” doing during this national pandemic.? We all know what Jamal Murray is doing. Good on ya pal. First, let me apologize to everyone at BellyUp Sports and our amazing readers. This should seem like a time where I would be able to produce article after article after article. I know you all miss What If…

Family Is Everything

The Jordans at Raymond James Stadium

Truth be told I haven’t had much time with my family over the course of the last few years. My schedule usually has me away form Wednesday through Sunday. I’ve been relishing this opportunity to hang out with my family. To take care of them. My wife has been able to work but that all comes to an end beginning tomorrow. Speaking of my wife, she is an absolute rock star. She is angel that I don’t deserve but I am so thankful for. Also she is the hottest woman I have ever laid eyes on with the body of a porn star. Yeah I said it.

I’ve got an open schedule right now and  yes I should have been writing and doing my podcast, but I needed some family time. I needed to play with my kids and not think about sports. I love that I get to sleep next to my wife every single night and kiss her first thing in the morning. Sports and money  will come and go but the memories we make with our families are priceless. So if you are currently displaced at home because you work in sports, sit back, relax, read some  BellyUp Sports, and spend time with your family.

My days are now  filled with laughter, and tears, with playtime and nap time, with Tito’s and a super hot wife. I’ve mentioned that already haven’t I? I have always tried to be a hands-on daddy. When I would come home from a long weekend trip, I would walk through the door and immediately tag in. My hands have always been covered in poop and now they are just covered in more poop and I would not have it any other way.

Life Will Return To Normal

Lilly and Jojo Jordan

My sport, along with all of yours is temporarily gone and our livelihood is affected, however this has been a blessing in disguise. Spend time with your family. Enjoy it. One day this will be over and we all go back to our daily grind and we will wish that we could have more of this time with our loved ones. Money will come back and then disappear again. Sports will be back and better than ever. We will not always be on this earth so make every moment matter. Be kind to each other.

I may have stolen that ending from an episode of Full House.

I will be back soon with sports-related content. Including  a look at why Roger Goodell created COVID-19 to halt the XFL.

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