You have done it again WWE! It seems like you gave me what I wanted for a few millisecond days, but then you go right back to making the 24/7 title boring again… My question is who is this dude… Riddick Moss. Now he’s running away becoming the longest reigning champion, when you literally made R-Truth run for his life!

Not This Again

I will give the guy credit he is defending his title every week on RAW, but it’s not the same. You are now treating the 24/7 Championship like a regular title. This title was suppose to be opportunities for wrestlers that never get to see the big spotlight! Mojo Rawley totally deserved to at least break the record as the longest reigning champion.(Oh by the way, Mojo Rawley still doesn’t have a shirt in the @WWEShop, you are totally beyond slacking here). What is the point of this article? I want the 24/7 Championship fun again… not just a regular title. That’s not what it’s for!

What Does WWE stand for?

What does WWE stand for? It stands for Walk with Elias. I’m kidding lol, it stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. Which means that 24/7 Championship was created to entertain the wrestling fans. In a recent article I did complain about what you had R-Truth doing with the title was boring.. the thing with Drake Maverick got annoying but it was entertaining. Now, we see a title being defended over and over again, and nothing changes. Moss retains every time.

I hate to tell you WWE some things you do are in the wasteland of things. I’m thinking in most cases the Creative team loses the spunk more and more everyday. It just seems like if the fans love it, it gets taken away from us. Stick to something and keep it going! Make it fun and entertaining, not so old boring…. Find that spunk again, bring back the entertainment side of the 24/7 Championship because in reality, it could be the most annoying thing of storylines right now, but it freaking was awesomely entertaining!! So do us a favor make the 24/7 title fun again!

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