What was Your First Big Purchase at 18 Years Old? LaMelo Ball Just Bought a Basketball Team- One That he Played for!

That’s alright! That’s okay! You’re gonna work for me one day!

What is your greatest, all-time flex?

Maybe it was getting those Jordan 11’s and ACTUALLY playing basketball in them? (You savage!)

Or, how about when you bought those red bottoms and rocked them in the club? (Those are blood shoes- or so I’ve heard.)

Maybe it was going to a party where you knew your ex would be and you bring your new date, who is a 9, and showing them off knowing your ex is a 6.5? (Bonus points because you are, objectively, a 4.5, 5 tops!)

In what is, perhaps, the greatest boss move of all time, 18-year-old LaMelo Ball, along with his business manager, has begun the process of purchasing the Illawarra Hawks of the Australian National Basketball League.

LaMelo played 12 games for the Hawks this season. He averaged 17.5 PPG, 7.5 RPG, and 7 APG.

He must REALLY love this team and Australia must have treated him incredibly well!

Anybody Know Where the Hell Illawarra Is?

LaMelo Ball is the Frank Sinatra of basketball in 2020. He did it his way!

First, he gained national exposure when he played with his two older brothers on a state and national high school championship basketball team in California. He was a Freshman.

Then, he and one of his older brothers went to Europe for his high school junior year to play for Prienai, a Lithuanian professional basketball team.

Finally, he concluded his high school basketball career at SPIRE Institute, in Ohio. He did have a stop in there when he played in the basketball league CREATED BY HIS FATHER!

Rather than attending a college in the United States to play collegiately (where he, likely, would not have met eligibility requirements), LaMelo went to Australia to play for Illawarra (a cool way to show the NCAA the middle finger, if I do say so myself). He was the Australian NBL Rookie of the Year.

LaMelo Ball is a probable top five draft pick in the coming NBA Draft, potentially the number one pick.

He is an owner at 18!

LaMelo is turning into the boss of all bosses!

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