If you are like me then you have been spending an extraordinary amount of time in front of your T.V. Who am I kidding I am always in front of my T.V pandemic or not. Without sports, on now it has been a search for anything that can give me the same thing sports gives me. Thanks, Tiger King we all needed that few minutes of distraction, but now what? So the search is on. No matter what I do come across, they all have one thing in common, from sports shows to news. The quality of the production is just piss poor. COVID 19 has infected our T.V production and we need help!

The under-appreciated people who bring us our entertainment are being missed at a time when we need them most. I know there are a lot of people that make up a production of any show or sports event and at no time better than now are we seeing just how good they are. Just look st some of the stuff we are supposed to watch and act like it is all good when it just is not.

Late-night talk Shows

Due to the fact we are exercising social distancing having a late-night host do a show in front of a studio audience or a crew is just not possible or safe. So like many others, they have gone to the good old, film it at your house with your phone or tablet thing. At first, it was a neat idea, you can still get a fresh show and adhere to the distancing. As time has gone on though, not such a good idea.

We need the studio audience and all the other stuff that makes the person seem funny even if they are not. We need the suit and tie behind a desk thing or it just seems like a guy in his parent’s basement with his camera, a little creepy really. Do I still watch it? of course but that doesn’t make it good. Trust me I watch a lot of bad stuff, just ask my wife.

I admit some are better than others. Conan O’Brien is one that seems very comfortable with this situation. I believe it is because he has done a podcast for some time and he is used to holding the camera and doing the funny thing. But David Spade on the other hand just comes across like a guy you tell your kids to stay away from. Spade must be on his phone daily asking for help. In all cases, though the quality of the production is crappy and they all look like grooming was never their thing. COVID infected out T.V, HELP!

The NBA and a HORSE

I figure it had to be only me and few other people that were so hard up for sports we actually tuned in to this disaster. The NBA came up with an idea to have a few NBA players and few WNBA players, sprinkle in a few EX-players, to play a game of Horse. The player would play from their home court at each players residence. Each player would film this with whatever they had available, phone, tablet or computer.

So once again the quality was just poor. As the player was about to go into the shot they were doing the video would buffer or fizzle off and then reappear. And the focus, there just was none. I won’t even get into the courts they held game on. With no hype on each shot, the entertainment was just not available. It was like watching your old ass uncle’s basketball video he recorded to show the ladies he still got’s it. He doesn’t!

But again, trying to give us fresh content on our T.V without production and it just did not work. At least the guys and gals they had in this competition did not look as though they have been in a cave for a month.

Give them a Raise

These are just a few I did not get into the news and there attempt to still have a guest on their shows. They come live from their bedrooms with that Android camera. Or the thing Saturday Night Live tried. What we have learned though is the people that work behind the scenes. Behind all of our favorite shows and events are the best at what they do. That not just anyone can do the job they do. So I advocate right now, give them a raise. Do what we need to do to get these people back on their job and safely.

I do not want to put anyone in harm’s way, but damn it COVID infected our T.V and we need quality programming back and in a hurry. So make it nice and safe, pay them very very well, and let’s get back to making some quality entertainment.

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