At this point, all of us are doing anything we can to pass the time. It’s not easy and many of us are on our third to a fourth mental breakdown. We know, eventually, one day we’ll go back to what normal was, though I’m sure normal will look much different. We also have no idea when we will be reintroduced to our former lives. It sucks to think about that level of uncertainty. But like Harvey Dent once said; “The night is darkest before the dawn. It’s important that we search for any kind of good that we can with this whole situation. Everybody stepping up and doing incredible things whether it’s financial donations or regular folks creating masks for the ones putting their health at risk on the front lines is uplifting to see. But, a positive symptom of this pandemic is the mega-surplus of chicken wings that are now out there.

Ball Don’t Lie

According to Jacob Bogage of the Washington Post, due to the NCAA tournament not taking place, there is an excess of wings.

But with society in lock down because of the novel coronavirus and the NCAA tournament canceled, that’s left a whole bunch of wings lying around, and now they’ve flooded the market. Ergo, we have a giant national surplus of chicken wings.

This is like in Avengers: End Game when Captain America mentions that he saw a pod of whales in New York and that the reason for this is because there are fewer ships and cleaner oceans. Obviously, nobody wanted half of all life to be dusted besides Thanos and I’m sure a small sector of people who think the birth rate is out of control, but there were some decent things that came of it. Nobody wants COVID-19 to exist, but it’s only natural that some decent things come from it. One of those things, more chicken wings. I for one love chicken wings, so I’ll take the more wings.

Flapping chicken wing prices -- Chicken wing prices normally get an annual boost in March and April because of the NCAA basketball tournament. But with the event canceled this year because of coronavirus, wings are suddenly really cheap.

What Could This Mean For You

With all these extra wings out there, maybe wing prices will go down. Maybe all the people who complain about wing prices getting too high and talk about how back in their day wings used to be 10 cents will get a small wing reduction renaissance out of this. I wouldn’t count on it. I don’t see too many restaurants, who are probably hurting right now with all this, suddenly slashing prices on anything. Nor should they.

What this, truly, means for you the consumer of tasty wings is that you should have confidence that your favorite place will have wings in stock for quite some time. I’ll take that. Never forget rule #32;

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Be safe out there and make the best of a shitty situation. You know what can cheer you up if you’re feeling down, some delicious wings. Go get some wings.

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