It has been a very tough month for the Denver Nuggets. After going four and four over the last eight games the Denver Nuggets needed a win. This win came against the Golden State Warriors 128-101, who themselves had been on a run. Over the last eight games the Warriors, with the return of Curry, have been on a five-game win streak. It was a much-needed win as the nuggets have dropped to the sixth position in the playoff race.

Jokic and Murray

Denver Nuggets

Since around the end of February, there has been something missing with the Nuggets. The pep, the energy that makes the Nuggets who they are, have been lost. There has been a lot of talk of Jokic being tired and run down already. Talk of Jamal Murray being as good as he can get. That he has reached his level of potential. I think this game you got a glimpse of what the truth really is.

Murray has been bothered by injuries over the last half of the season and it has taken a toll on him. He is one of the toughest players in the game today and that may have been a detriment to his game. He does not like to sit and his will to play is strong. Malone tries to keep him out but when a guy wants to help his team that is struggling, well you give it a shot. Over this past week, Murray has stated that he feels better than he has in several months.

That will be the key to Denver’s success coming up, the health of the big two. This year has been a bit rough for the big man Jokic as he has had to step up more with all the injuries. The thought of him being run down already, is just talk. Jokic is a guy that can go 100 games in a season and still keep going strong. He is a true baller. A guy that loves to play and will do it any time any place. when the time comes Jokic will be there, strong.

Tuesday night it just all came together with Jokic and Murray. The two-man game was on point and the Warriors could not solve that duo. By the half, Jokic had 20 points and 10 boards with four assists. Murray had 13 points but had a career 12 assist at the half. One could see this was one of those games where nothing you do can go wrong.

The rest of the Best

MPJ Denver Nuggets

Michael Porter JR came off the bench with 22 points and nine rebounds. He seems to have his place now as he has been getting steady minutes in the rotation and has not disappointed. Gary Harris is still hitting his stride. He has shot 60 percent over the last four games from the field with 43 percent from three. Barton has been a steady force with his 18 points a game and his four-assist are a surprise. But the defense of Torrey Craig has been phenomenal and will be key in playoffs.

For Golden State Curry did what Curry does, he scored a lot of points. What he has shown over the past month is his true leadership abilities. He has taken this team and is showing them how to win. Let’s face it though they just do not have the firepower to handle the top teams in the West this year. For sure not one that was hitting on all cylinders. It will fun to see what holds for the Warriors next season as I believe they are not done with hunting for a title.

The Denver Nuggets now

What this win did was show that when the Denver Nuggets play their game, they are unstoppable. When they don’t make the dumb mistake, and when they are all hitting their stride, they are the team to beat. Jokic had the energy and the hot hand. Murray had the magic in his hands and Harris was the old Harris.

It almost seems like this is unreal. Like someone who has been locked up in their house for weeks with nothing else to do could only imagine this. The perfect game played within the mind of crazed basketball junkie that has lost his way. For this guy, on April fools day, I would not have it any other way, the Nuggets win again!

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