Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, it’s your pal @KC_CARLYLE, here once again to give you The Low Down! It’s “The Low Down” today’s topic: Morons of Wrestling. Morons who are or were associated with the wrestling business, but were not in-ring competitors.

Morons in Wrestling

The first person on this list that I want to talk about is Dave Meltzer. Why do I think Dave Meltzer is a moron? you may be asking yourself. My answer to that is pretty simple, the guy bashes everything that is WWE. Now, Dave Meltzer is entitled to his opinion. That being said, I am also entitled to think he is a moron for his opinions.

The next person I think is just an astronomical moron associated with the wrestling business is Jim Herd. If you don’t know the name Jim Herd, look it up. Jim Herd almost killed WCW back in the early ’90s. He is the man responsible for such infamous wrestling gimmicks as “The Candyman.” (Who threw candy into the crowd on his way to the ring.)

Then there was “The Ding Dongs” (Two guys who had bells on their gear and rang a giant bell throughout their matches.)

There was also “Arachnaman” who got Marvel Comics into an uproar, and almost got WCW sued. Lastly there was his idea to cut the hair of Ric Flair, and turn him into a character called Spartacus. Just let those moronic decisions sink in.

List Continues..

Ok now the last person I am putting on this “The Low Down” list is, Vince Russo. Where do I start with Vince Russo? The guy who sank WCW, or maybe the guy who thought the letters TNA were a funny idea. Now I loved the “Attitude Era” but during the “Attitude Era” there was people to keep Russo in line. Some of the things he did were stupid, some were selfish, many were disrespectful.

As a fan of pro wrestling for twenty plus years, I have never been ashamed of being a fan. That being said, there are a few things that Jim Herd and that Vince Russo did over the years that got me pretty close. That concludes today’s edition of It’s The Low Down” todays topic: morons of wrestling.

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